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Supertest: Canyon Map Video Preview

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World of Tanks Supertest recently had two new maps tested, the second was the Canyon. Yet again, WOT Express Wargaming blessed leaking blog, produced a video where you can see the map in more detail and get a better feeling how possible can play. 

The map looks very open in certain areas for them to even be used and very unfriendly for big slow tanks. Of course, always remember that maps in Supertest are subject to changes without warning and before the release.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Canyon Map Video Preview

  1. i have to say it doesnt look good(playable)….map design and redesign lately has been so subpar that its only adding to frustration of playing this game… prove me wrong minsk.

  2. the map looks nice designed but if WG doesn’t change the arty mechanics it is unplayable because with 3 Artys on this map they will click you out in litterly 30 sec

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