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Supertest 9.20: Russian Tank Changes

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The Soviet tanks have arrived to the Supertest for some rebalancing!

The main idea is to significantly strengthen the armor on the turret front, which will allow Soviet MTs to tank with their turret when they manage to hide the hull behind cover. They will be able to cause damage from this position and live up to the idea of active Medium tanks with strong turret armor.

Let’s start with the crown jewel of the MT branch – the Object 140. It is an excellent vehicle that does a great job when fulfilling its intended role on the battlefield. However, it has a drawback, which you often reported, the armor on the turret roof. This was the reason why the Object could be penetrated in the turret even though it seemed like a solid cast construction. On the Super test we will change the armor of the top turret and will get it up to the level of its comrade – the T-62A. At the same time, the armor of the hatches on the turret will remain the same, so do not allow your opponents to aim at them.

Let’s go one tier lower and see what happened with the T-54. Besides significantly strengthening its turret armor, we’ll also revise the top guns and will set the roles of the vehicle according to the gun choice.


The 100 mm D-10?2S gun that in the research tree leads to the Object 140 will be rebalanced for close-range fighting. Its reload time will be decreased thereby increasing its average damage per minute. At the same time the accuracy will be slightly decreased – this will force players to use the gun at medium and short ranges and to play in a more aggressive style more in line with how a medium range support tank should be played.

The 100 mm D-54 gun (that leads to T-62A) will have significantly improved aiming time and accuracy at 100m, but at the same time the reload time will be increased. Now it’ll be easier for it to act as a long range fire support vehicle.


Let’s go to Tier VIII and test the updated version of the T-44. It will have a significantly strengthened turret roof. The effective armor of the turret front will reach about 200 mm (instead of the current 120-140 mm), and the effective side armor – more than 300 mm. Similar parameters will be implemented on the turrets of such premium tanks as the T-54 first prototype and the ?-44-100 (?).


We will also change the performance of two of the T-44s guns. The 100 mm LB-1 gun will receive improved stabilization and aiming time, which will allow more accurate firing both while moving and while standing still.

This change will affect both the T-44 and the T-44-100 (P). The 122 mm D-25-44 gun will have a significantly improved rate of fire and slightly improved aiming parameters, which will allow this weapon to perfectly fulfil the potential at close range, causing high alpha-damage.

That’s not all the changes that we are planning to test within the USSR tree in this version. Next in line are the Soviet Heavy tanks and TDs, but we’ll talk about them a bit later.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest 9.20: Russian Tank Changes

  1. How ridiculous….

    T54 is one of the most broken tanks in the game already…I ***ume the German T55a won’t get any buffs…typical…

    Obj140 is by far the best medium at tier 10 barring the 907 of course. Also OP.

    T44 maybe not so broken but still…compare to most other tier 8 meds…sigh

    Funny thing is that people will still say Russian bias doesn’t exist. What a joke.

  2. The game is in trouble. Put in new maps, fix clan wars, stop all the cheats. Maybe you can salvage.

  3. If wg make an stronger armot on t54 why not do the same thing to t55a?

  4. and t-43 **** tank that desperately needs 100mm gun will get nothing… again… and yeah its not even in HD

  5. You are right in everything, but the t44 is pretty bad, it is okay mobile, poor gun, meh view range, okay camo, poor armour. There is pretty much nothing good about it. That tank definitely needs buffs, I would say its one of the worst tier 8 mediums

  6. Now if only the D-54 gun variant on the WZ-120 would be buffed as well…

  7. I like this changes a lot.Exept one. Only stuff that I am worried is buff to obj140. It is arledy really good tank (no not op but really good), and this slight buff might be the thing that will make it to good. And right now there is no reason to pick t-62a

  8. I have to agree with you guys. Is clear and evident that the russian bias is present. Is always been and unfortunately most likely always will. (just a reason why not to play with russians in this game).
    But the t44 is indeed weak. No pen, no armor, no nothing…maybe some mobility.
    The t44 series need some buffs in my opinion, but tier 9 and 10 russian meds already are the strongest in this game. With these changes the unbalance gap between tanks and nations will increase big time. Yet once again. Why am I not surprised.
    To say something positive is the surprisingly okey nerf of the Maus.

    Nerf:* defender;
    * all top tier russian meds instead of buffing them constantly with every 2nd update
    (nerf their accuracy, aim time and reload time);
    * the mobility of Crysler somewhat;
    Buff:* Tiger 2
    * Is-6 slightly in one way or another.
    *Give Type59 better aim time than the E100. Is that even possible?
    (100mm gun’s aimtime = 150 mm’s gun. Wargaming’s fair policy is activated once again or they are just too slow…like 4 years behind);
    *T-44, T-44-100 and mod-1 as I mentioned above (not overbuff);
    *Tortoise and the slowest tanks in-game currently, the British AT line also needs some love;
    No need changes: IS-7. Still a very good tank in it’s tier.
    Many more changes needed, these are just a few to fix (or not to break further).

  9. T44 could use some buff. But wouldn’t T34-2 need it even more. And that armour change in T54 and 140. Completely unnecessary and broken. The gun change on T54 is nice though. Make both top gun a viable option. At least I hope.

  10. I don,t know why are you crying like little bitches about obj 140…is just the roof of the turret buff…who shoot the turret of obj 140 anyway when you can shoot cupollas that are untuched or better shoot the hull.
    For me this roof buff is moore than an buff in order not to take so much damage from an arty shoot.
    T54 front turret was almost unpenetrable for the majority of the guns in the game now maybe it can survive an jpze100 heat shell.
    T44 was garbage, now or has something…a turret, pershing it is still the best tier 8 medium in my opinion.
    If you are thinking that russian tanks are better why not you take them and rule the battlefield with them. After that maybe wg will decide to nerf them because of better statistic on charts.
    Then you can enjoy the nerf of the russian tanks and you can crawl to your beloved other tanks.

  11. The game has so many issues nowadays which makes more and more old player go away. The solutions are not buff or nerf anything but stopping manage MM. we will feel more comfortable no matter how the gun is bad how the armor is sick

  12. The T54 mod one and the T44 is a great and much needed improvement. T54 is totally unnecessary. And the Object 140 was my first tier X medium. And it is one of my favorites. And any buff is unneeded. Well maybe a fuel tank buff would be nice. But other than that, the turret armor is okay, the hull armor can at times pull a bounce. And the dpm,on the move accuracy, and general accuracy is very good. I do hope that the KV5 and IS7 get some much needed love. But I hope they don’t go overboard like the the Maus and the Type 5. Stopped playing the E5 when they overbuffed it. No fun and no skill tanks are not too much fun for me.

  13. tl/dr: stop playing anything other than BS biased Russian med tanks
    maps designed to play to their strengths (small maps lots of dips/shoot n’scoot positions that negate view range)
    “balance” adjustments (radioman skill to a loader when the radio is behind the commander)
    view range is basically equivalent to US
    Fight Western tanks that are 10 yrs older than their Russian peer (T-62A vs a M48 Patton really?)
    etc etc etc

  14. Are you kidding me, the T-43 does not need a 100mm gun. IF you think it needs one, you’re playing it wrong.

  15. Nobody have asked for this..
    When do WG actually listen to the community and fix the problems instead of creating more problems.
    But when it is not 3 russian mediums in the top 3 performing best there must be something wrong, so lets nerf the hell out of the BC so it is useless and buff the 140 so that people wont play anything else.. MAKES SENSE! Good job WG.

    What about fixing the most important problems like.
    Remove ******ed old arty durp gun from Type4-5.
    Remove stun and insane splash from arty.
    Give the super heavies back their weakspots.
    Fix premium shells by dealing less damage and lowered costs.

  16. honestly t-54 sucks lol i tried playing it needs prem to even pen anything gun handling is disgusting and amor is meh literally nothing special about t54 lol

  17. Get your head checked by a specialist please.

    You could be a danger to those around you.


  18. hey boy, you havn’t played them for sure, you know what, they may have better armor now, but look at theit weakspots man, they’re ****ing enormous ! you can still kill them easily, the extra armor is only against gold noobs.

  19. What about the Obj.430? Please don’t forget to buff this tank as it is considered to be the worst RU Meds out of the 5.

  20. nah u certanly havent played them, t44 was/is one of the worst compared to every other tier 8. the t54 falls way behind for example the amx 30 prot. the obj has a worse gun, same mobily and worse turret, it will still have a worse turret, but it evens it u a lillte, now they will be as strong as eachother. btw u ever see a 140 in clanwars ? no always the t62a

  21. Hahahah what?!

    Tier 8 meds in general are complete **** and barely have higher DPM than even heavies like the is3. And many even have worse gun handling or mobility and in some cases both. The t44 is pretty bad for sure. But there are way worse tier 8 meds which need buffs too.

    The tier 9 t54 is probably the best all round tank at tier 9. Good hull and turret armour. Good gun handling. Good DPM. Excellent mobility. ******ed cHEAT rounds. Everything combines makes an exceptional package. The only meds at the tier which come even close is the amx 30 prit and e50. The rest fall way behind the t54.

    The 140 is completely op. It has one of the best gun handling in the game. Epic dpm. Good turret armour. Ok hull armour which pulls ofnodd bounces. Excellent terrain resistance. The list goes on and on.
    Btw in clan wars you bring a 907, if you dont have bring a 140. Nobody except bot clans use the t62….

  22. And **** tanks that should be buffed years ago like t34-2 remain the same. Gj again.

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