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Supertest 9.20: Erlenberg Map Changes

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Today, Supertest has received two versions of Erlenberg to be tested. What are these changes? Let’s have a look at them.

Version 1

Erlenberg 9.20 – Version 1
  1. Significant increased central urban area. Hopefully this will facilitate heavier tanks, and protect them from flanking attacks.
  2. Base areas also have been changed, in order to make them more difficult to reach. These areas were also changed to defenders have better positions to hold on the attack.

Version 2

Erlenberg 9.20 – Version 2
  1. Bases have been moved, they will also be changed in Attack/Defence map.
  2. Spawn areas has been split to both sides of the river. This will allow better distribution of each team at the beginning of each battle, reducing time-wasted to move across.
  3. To reduce the “circular gameplay” on the map, the number of convenient places for defence and attack, on each side, have been increased.

I actually would like to see a mix of both alternatives, while the first one seems an ideal solution, it could be improved with points one and two from the second version. What do you think, does the map needs improvement? Would you like to see Version 1 or 2? Or even a mix of both?

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest 9.20: Erlenberg Map Changes

  1. I think the first one would be better, motivate the players to take more than one side, don’t camp on one side-hill and waiting lost.

  2. I personally think that the western flank somehow forces heavies to fire at long distance and so should be reworked a bit. Also, making the center more dynamic should be a good idea.

  3. I never had problems with this map.

    But Lakeville on the other hand…. What a crap map.

  4. in clanwars/strongholds/advances its the worst map. 8/10 times leads to draw.. So for sure it needs redesign.

  5. Agreed, I actually like Erlenberg, Lakeville on the other hand i think seriously needs rework, especially on the west flank in the valley

  6. Easy. Dont change. Fix worse maps first. Yolo east from any spawn, any mode, any tier and any tank. Easy wins gg….

  7. I’m certainly a fan of the idea of varied similar maps. And not such a case of “Mappenberg” vs “Mappenberg on fire, in winter”

    Both rather similar maps with rampant differences. This simulates both the ravages of warfare as well as reconstruction and fortification attempts.

    Imagine if you will Stalingrad in it’s current format. It is a gridded map full of random barricades, plus a wide beach head and slight open ground. I would like to see two versions of Stalingrad. One in it’s current format. Then another version in a completely “hammered finish” variety. A map marred with deep trenchlines and ditches for hulling down. Broken buildings that are destructable and p***able akin to the Pilsen warehouse doors or Sacred Valley’s temples. Also one-way ramps that can be p***ed, but no returned from. One that changes the current relatively flat CQB corridor map into a hulldown monster’s paradise, but providing the appropriate lanes for MT/LT escape routes.

    Now Apply this design theory with Paris. A very boring and plain map that is literally a combination of Provinces’s valley-volley with Ruinberg’s circle and lanes.

  8. Please, change ‘Highway’ map, today it’s very one-way to play…

  9. As long as the river is still there people will still drawn at the start. Derpenburg will not change.

  10. The map needs less obvious camp spots close to the bases, not more. The main issue with the current map is that it is too easy to reach very dominant positions.

  11. Erlenberg sucks and will suck, just remove the camping simulator map and you will have 1 map less to worry about changing it to HD. Also please remove Lakeville.

  12. Stupid. This will again casue a big campoff on both sides and again standard wot player will do brainless camping in line 9 and line 2, but now teams switch sides so it is a change… both bases are alredy very easy to defend for anyone with brain. My idea would be to switch south spawn over river so that south team can more easily come to castle to brawl around there, and maybe make area around castle a bit bigger and better for brawling, the other “medium” side can stay the same, both south and north are good, but now defending south base is harder from “Medium” side attacks (easy solve with small ridge near redline next to castle side) like north wich is harder to defend against attackers from castle side, but it have more cover since there is a some bulidings across river there.

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