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Soviet LT-432 Available on North American Server

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Today, Wargaming has released the LT-432, the first Soviet Tier VIII Premium light tank in the game onto the North American server, however, it is on pre-sale, so that means only players who have an active Premium Account may purchase it, for now.

LT-432 Soviet Tier VIII Premium Light Tank


If you don’t have a Premium Account, you will be able to buy this vehicle from November 13.

The LT-432 is a very manoeuvrable and well armoured light tank for tier 8. It’s camouflage value and view range allows you to sit back and spot for your team, or if you’re feeling a bit more aggressive, it’s mobility allows for active spotting. It’s 85mm gun can tear up the opposition at long range thanks to its high-velocity ammunition.

Like most new tanks, the LT-432 comes in four different bundles: Standard, Loaded, Ultimate and War Chest. However, this time Wargaming released a fifth bundle: Tier VIII Light Might. This new bundle includes the M41 90 GF, T92, ELC EVEN 90, and the LT-432, all with 100% crews and x5 XP for first 10 wins in each.

Plenty to pick and choose from, so are you looking forward to getting this vehicle in your garage? How do you think it will fare in the game? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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15,466 thoughts on “Soviet LT-432 Available on North American Server

  1. The the one included in bundle is M41 90mm, no GF. I would have bought this bundle if it were GF. I have GF and an ok reacord, so I do not want to get another tank, the same but different in service record.

  2. I played against the 432 last night and it seems like a very competent light tank.

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