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Sandbox: BT-5 – Soviet Light Tank

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The rework to all Tech Trees in the game won’t just remove vehicles, it will also introduce three new vehicles. The third vehicle will be the Soviet Tier III light tank, BT-5.

The BT-5 was one of the Red Army’s main tanks before the war. Vehicles of this modification were engaged in the Spanish Civil War as well as the Battle of Khaldhym, Polish Campaign, Winter War and World War II. A total of 1,884 vehicles were manufactured. It will feature a crew of three, Commander, Driver, Gunner.







II – BT-5
II – BT-5
III – BT-7 shielded
II – 45 mm 20K
III – 37 mm automatic OKB-2
IV – 45 mm 21-KMT
IV – M-5-400
IV – V-3BT
III – 71-TK3
IX – 12LL
Firepower - 60
Average Damage per Shot (HP)55 / 47 / 30
Average Penetration (mm)55 / 90 / 0
Rate of Fire  (rounds/min)27.21
Reload Time (s)2.21
Gun Traverse Speed  (deg/s)37.55
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles  (deg)-8 / 25
Aiming Time (s)2.30
Dispersion at 100 m (m)0.37
Average Damage per Minute  (HP/min)1 496
Survivability - 10
Hit Points (HP)500
Hull Armour (front/sides/rear mm)15 / 13 / 10
Turret Armour (front/sides/rear mm)20 / 15 / 15
Mobility - 676
Weight/Load Limit (t)10.74 / 11.80
Engine Power (h.p.)420
Specific Power (h.p./t)39.11
Top Speed/Reverse Speed (km/h)55 / 20
Traverse Speed (deg/s)52.15
Concealment - 372
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%)18.03 / 5.23
Concealment of Moving  Vehicle (%)18.03 / 5.23
Spotting - 359
View Range (m)300
Signal Range (m)615

15,466 thoughts on “Sandbox: BT-5 – Soviet Light Tank

  1. Im i the only one that finds it funny that their adding tanks to the tech trees just to removing a bunch to make it simpler. I feel that these 3 new tanks could add to the trees and make then better only removing a hand full from the tree.

  2. It’s a light. Sorry, this is what happens when writting articles with two kids running over you 😀

  3. I agree, they are honestly just following Blitz’s footsteps and if I remember correctly (Don’t play Blitz anymore) no one liked the changes. Idk why they are even doing this when they know most of the Community dislikes this. Later on they are going to add ATGMs trust me, Blitz has them and it is absolutely cancerous.

  4. I agree with paring down the lower-level tech tree, personally. I’ve had friends try out the game and spread themselves way too wide starting off, resulting in them having tons of low-tier vehicles and an absolutely awful grind ahead of them to get anywhere. They still need to rejigger the economy to fix that, in my opinion–they could increase all credit earnings by 50% and it still wouldn’t be too generous–but this should help. Removing tanks that duplicate the ways others play, or which lead to the same place, or are downright newbie traps.

    They’ve gotten rid of some of the most notorious of those, and I can’t be happy enough–the awful low-tier Japanese heavy tanks are gone, as is the D.W. 2. The Lee has also been shunted off to the side, and while I’ve warmed up to the Lee from “irredeemable slog” to “highly specialized gimmick tank”, I’ve always thought that making people play through it on the way to the M4 Sherman–when some people probably start playing the game entirely to play the Sherman–was a cruel joke.

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