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Rheinmetall Skorpion “Horchen” by FastestClassic

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The Rheinmetall Skorpion has just come out in the Advent Calendar 2021, one of the most popular German tank destroyers in World of Tanks. As one of my favourite vehicles to play, I never really liked the plain-looking original vehicle, so together with FastestClassic, I got a new custom-made re-skin for it!

As per my request, I wanted a more realistic vehicle, something developed to the end of the war period, with some upgrades in certain areas and with a combat kit to be used in the battlefield. FastestClassic based the new Skorpion on Mirukii’s Weald Foundation JagdPanther 411 and brought us this amazing vehicle re-skin! Even the Berlin bucket is there!

If you like the Rheinmetall Skorpion “Horchen”, you can download it directly from WGMods page. And of course, a massive thanks to FastestClassic for doing this work as per my request!

Let us know if you like it and if you were also able to find the easter egg in the re-skin?


15,466 thoughts on “Rheinmetall Skorpion “Horchen” by FastestClassic

  1. My first ever premium tank, bought it 4 years ago. Back in the days when I was noob, I still had a winrate of 49% over 1K games with the skorp G, tells enhough about this tank. Thx for this remodel!

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