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Progetto 46 Available on CIS Region with Custom Style

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Italian Tier VIII medium Premium tank Progetto 46 was released today on CIS region. Together with the tank, players are able to get a special dedicated style for this tank, with a unique camouflage pattern and emblem called Monte Rosa.


The tank costs $45,20 and it comes with a garage slot and the Monte Rosa style. We should expect similar packages/price when released in other regions, but for now, no details when this tank will be released on EU, NA or APAC regions.

Source: World of Tanks RU Portal

Progetto 46 Emblem


Progetto 46 Style

3 thoughts on “Progetto 46 Available on CIS Region with Custom Style

  1. First Italian tank and EU does not get it until probably next Friday…

  2. My 30% discount expires in 2 days. Any chance the EU will get it by Monday/Tuesday?

    1. u cant use the 30% on vihecle is on offer 😉 u doent need wait

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