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Special (NA): New Customization for the Holidays!

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Wargaming has added three new presets for Thanksgiving week: two camouflages and one emblem. All three can be applied to any tank, but you will need gold in order to purchase them.


Unique Style: Thanksgiving Day

Inscription: “Thanksgiving”1,750 Gold

Unique Style: Black Friday

Inscription: “Black Friday”1,750 Gold

Emblem: Festive Turkey 50 Gold

Both the camouflages provide a +2% – +4% camo bonus, depending on the tank class. If you happen to have a tank you want to put some camo on and you have some spare gold, feel free to make your tank nice and festive!


Happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “Special (NA): New Customization for the Holidays!

  1. Now we have to buy ugly paint for our tanks? They used to give us this garbage free.

    Looking more and more like WG is having money problems. I just Learned that Total War Arena is being unplugged. Could not afford to keep it running WG?

    1. Direct such comments to WG
      This is not WG
      This is “The Daily Bounce” blog

      This is separate blog with separate founder’s and owners from thr Compnay WG

      I urge you next time to redirect such comments to WG

      And kepp them off our beloved blog

      U have issues and problems with the company or its game?
      Direct your words towards the company forums and what not..

      Thank you

    2. I don’t mind these comments. I usually read all of them and pass the general feedback to WG.

  2. Regular Camo is 150g to cover whole tank. Why is this so expensive (1750)? I guess WG hopes drunks accidentally buy this.

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