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Italian Tanks Rumours – More Fake News

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While we all wait to see what Wargaming has stored for Gamescom 2017, more rumours start to emerge on the web, and the latest one is: Italian Tanks are coming to the game! According to what I have found, Wargaming is supposed to announce Italian tanks at Gamescom 2017.

Claims that Wargaming had more material to use to introduce an Italian Tech Tree, instead of a Polish one are the main reasons why Wargaming made this decision. But how true are these rumours?

P 26/40 Heavy Tank

While I find it interesting and would love to see Italian tanks added to the game, and I’m sure a lot more players would like this too, we have to consider that Wargaming said several times they don’t have any plans to introduce Italian tanks.

This information was actually shared recently during a Q&A session by FlushDraw on the Russian forum. This made me question straight away, the veracity of these rumours. At the same time I’ve been trying to get more information, but unfortunately due to everyone being at Gamescom 2017, it’s been proven difficult to get a reply.

But nonetheless, at the same time these rumours start to get momentum, Yury Pasholok publishes the following on his VK page.

Yury Pashlok.PNG

“We even decided to introduce a complete rubber duck branch”, he even asks if the source of this leak are Polish friends Bolek and Lolek, two Polish cartoon characters from the children’s TV animated comedy series by the same title. Yury Pasholok, Wargaming number one historian making fun of these claims can just confirm, the rumours are false.

I understand when players say “But it’s Wargaming, we can expect anything.”, I wouldn’t expect Wargaming to just throw Italian tanks into the game, while they are clearly working on other nations for a while now. The introduction of a Polish Premium tank, the confirmation during recent Q&A that Wargaming has been working for over 18 months on a Polish Tech Tree, and now at Gamescom 2017 they would just decide to introduce Italian tanks?

While it would be nice to see them, don’t expect to see them during Gamescom 2017, or any time soon. To be honest, I’m not even sure if we will have any major announcements at Gamescom 2017, aside from a few more high definition maps and repetition of information we already know.

Like we say, it’s Wargaming, maybe they are hiding something special for later on Gamescom 2017, but certainly isn’t Italian tanks.



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