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Holiday Ops 2020: Lootboxes Tanks & Styles Confirmed!

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Holiday Ops 2020 is fast approaching and everyone wants to know what tanks are coming inside the lootboxes. Well, we got that information confirmed for you: Object 703 version II, E 75 TS, SU130 PM, Progetto M35 mod. 46., WOT Express earlier leak from Supertest has been confirmed! But we got more, we have images and videos for you to see!

Don’t think that is all, we managed to get pictures and videos of all six 3D styles coming with the lootboxes. As leaked previously: E 100, Jagdpanzer E 100, Object 140, Object 430U, AMX 13 105 and T110E4 are getting all new exclusive 3D styles.

It seems lootboxes will be out in full force later this week and with two exclusive Tier VIII tanks! Do you agree with this kind of marketing or is this just a way to lure more players into buying lootboxes for Christmas?

15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2020: Lootboxes Tanks & Styles Confirmed!

  1. Thanks for the update, I was worried that there would be no premium tanks in the boxes since WoT did not mention any.

  2. I do not mind this as long as i know i will get a chance to buy those tanks at a later date like they did with the 3a

  3. Looks like WG has reached their low effort / maximum milking peak. never before did people pay so much to get so little out of a game, it feels.

  4. Damn the Obj 703 looks pretty nice ! i hope i receive it ! the good thing is Progetto and Su130PM i had it already, i receive also some gold if I picked it up into my large lootboxes ! sounds great !

    And for the skins nice job, i like the T110e4 skin and holy **** this side structure on the Jgpze100 lol !!! looks funny as hell !

    Thanks for the leak !

  5. No, just these four Tier VIII. The rest are lower tiers, but I can’t see files yet about them connected to look boxes.

  6. Everybody who spents hundreds of Euros, to grab both “exclusive” tanks is nuts. Both will be sold bundle free in 2020, just like the “exclusive” IS-3A last year…

  7. Players from Belgium won’t be able to buy lootboxes, only accept them as gifts.

  8. Yeah, those files I converted and got the videos, etc. But lower tiers are not there.

  9. Yeah I give you that point. For me, since the first holiday ops i never purchased anything throughout the year, only lootboxes for 100€. You get a lot of value out of them (compared to if you buy fort knox or so) especially if you are as lucky as me. (2018 i got Skorpion G and Type 59 and 2019 IS-3A aswell as Defender)

  10. No low tiers there, because last time low tiers didn’t have special animation (except e-25, but it’s not that low).

  11. Not in lootboxes. Might be for CW rewards in the upcoming event next year.

  12. or you cans use NordVPN to trouble your IP location and you conncet to servers in France or Germany and it is working.

  13. and?? if you think about it you spend just one time 100€ average and you have enough gold to buy premium account or other vehicles in the advent calendar…last year I spend 100€ and i receive the Is3-A and defender and skorpion multiple times also receive the gold and I had enough gold to buy premium account for 3 months and buy a Progetto, a t50 prototyp and a M6 Mutant in the advent calendar…Its a lot !

    I think players who invest money during all the year are nuts..the players who invest and spare the gold to use it intelligently for premium account or so are much more intelligent. The investmnt is much better !

    looks how many some players can purchased on a year if you dont really care about it, ok a premium tank here and a months prem account there and some little gold bundle ( yes its average 20€ each months or much more in average, and then at christmas no money to invest in big lootboxes )

    really think about it. Its the only thing i can say you !

  14. for example i had already SU-130 PM and Progetto 46, it means I had chances to receive their value in gold which are 10,900 for the TD and 11,000 for the medium tank. Because one of them its already possible to receive. Ok the Obj 703 would be difficult to receive but the other one its ok I think.

  15. It won’t work, as WG looks to what country the account was created, not your IP.

  16. ok if it’s so I was sure it could be working, I never use it cause I’m located in Germany but this thing is just problematic for Belgium in Europe I think, also yes you had to buy the stuff with account of a friend ( not a belgium friend 😉 ) and then to offer you a nice bundle of lootboxes haha

  17. As long as one can buy the tanks in the loot boxes separate I am fine with this sort of marketing, if not you are forced to buy loot boxes and are gambling on if you get it or not.

  18. Or make a new account using VPN and just gift the boxes to the main one 😀

  19. The IS-3A was never an “exclusive” tank… It had been sold earlier (before the gun changes to the reverse auto reloader), plus even during the event, nobody ever said that it was exclusive.

  20. Its exclusive to Gift Boxes during the event, then comes on the Premium shop as normal. But WG does use the label “rare premium tanks” instead, that clearly tells you these will be only available in lootboxes for the duration of the event. Why would WG sell these tanks outside the boxes? Players would just buy them instead… Can’t not milk the players as much as they can 😀

  21. hehe yes its pretty easy if you think about it ! also our belgium friends can if they desire buy their ovvn boxes

  22. Skins FOR progetto and su are only skins or we are talking about a different tank like patriot and e5 ?

  23. Will the defender, IS-3A and last year’s event be it free loot boxes this year?

  24. Just skins. Wargaming doesn’t need to do “different” tanks when they want a skin now. Its all 2D or 3D styles now.

  25. Seriously why even ask that WG are clearly not going to give you Free! tier 8 premium tanks come on use your brain man

  26. I got 11 boxes as a gift, for those who think its all junk, heres some of what I got, e75, sexton, bret panther, Sherman firefly and lots of gold and premium time. I think that was worth 19.99

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