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Holiday Ops 2020: Lootboxes coming with a double barrel!

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Its almost time for Holiday Ops 2020 start! Some of you were worried that no Christmas event his year was coming, but fear not, it usually starts mid-December with the last update of the year. Together with Update 1.7, what can we expect of it? Well, to start, Double-Barrel tanks won’t be coming with Update 1.7, they arrived late to Supertest and Wargaming wasn’t able to pack them up with the update. But you can count on lootboxes to come!

Holiday Ops 2019

According to WOT Express, and some inside information of my own (to make sure some things are right), this year lootboxes are coming with a big bang and loads of new tanks. Here’s what you might encounter if you decide to buy lootboxes:

Please note: The following information might be inaccurate. Please take it all with a grain of salt.

Highly Wanted Tank Gambles

First, lets start with the most desired prizes that might be included. These are what every single player who buys a box wants to get. Out of all four vehicles, I was only been able to confirm one that is coming, and all I can say is that has double of something, when compared to other tanks. Not hard to guess.

  • Object 703 version II – Tier VIII Soviet Heavy Tank – Brand New Double Barrel tank! Normal ones aren’t coming, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a Premium one first!
  • E 75 TS – Tier VIII German Heavy Tank – Brand new tank long waited by German armour fans! It has its own 3D style, maybe we will be able to get it too?
  • SU-130PM – Tier VIII Soviet Tank Destroyer – Not new, but highly desired by players. It also has a brand new 3D style that might be included.
  • Progetto M35 mod. 46 – Tier VIII Italian Medium Tank – The most beloved Italian tank in the game. Everyone always loves to have one in their garage!

Other Wanted Tank Gambles

The following tanks will be the ones that are least desired by players. Still, if you don’t own them, they are always a nice addition to the garage.

  • Sherman VC Firefly – Tier VI British Medium Tank
  • Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K – Tier V German Medium Tank
  • Sexton I – Tier III British SPG
  • AM 39 Gendron-Somua – Tier II French Armoured Car (Light Tank) – Brand new! If it’s released, it will be the first low tier wheeled vehicle of the game.

What else?

We all know that there is always something else to get, and last year Wargaming upped their game with 3D styles! This year is no different, and we should expect even more new 3D styles in the possible list of gambled prizes for the following vehicles:

  • Jagdpanzer E 100
  • E 100
  • Object 430 U
  • Object 140
  • T110E4
  • AMX 13 105

Please remember, all the information above might change at any given moment, but WOT Express has been quite reliable with their leaks. So what do you think? Excited for more gamble this year? Or are you going to pass it? Do you think Wargaming is taking the right path by making never seen before tanks only available with lootboxes?

15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2020: Lootboxes coming with a double barrel!

  1. I just want the gold, credits, and prem time for my grind up polish tree and the brit ****barn line. My goal for next year is to start my take on ranked battles since I will be getting my first T10s ever. Hopefully the bonds earned in Ranked will help me get one of the top tonks, Looking more at 121b, since I like my tanks with some armor. Brit heavy looks just plain ugly, and SUper COnq makes it redundant.

  2. gonna buy boxes to get this gendron, will love racing with my friends with it

  3. To be frank, I am very satisfied with this years wargaming effort. This year, I did enjoy the game a lot. One dissatisfaction for me is they failed to fulfill One of promises -IS4 rebalancing. Ofcourse, they can’t do everything. Hope it will be done soon or it is somehow connected with double barreled tank news. Eager for E75TS.

  4. There are three tanks there that haven’t been sold/gifted before; WG are effective making people gamble real money to get tanks. The chances of getting any of the tanks you want are zero to slim. Can’t believe no one seems bothered by that – it’s shameful.

    I would advise everyone to watch the CC’s as at least a couple of them will work out the odds – once you know the odds, well, it’s your money…

  5. I’ve always had a stance against these, just like last year I didn’t take any of the boxes they would offer us to promote them. If they do the same this year, I’m going to decline these boxes. But you are right, no one seems to be bothered with that, because the thought of “getting a free premium tank” is always overwhelming compared to the “oh this is gambling”… or the usual “this is a good deal” excuse.

  6. I spent $200 and ended up with 144000 gold, 1 year of premium time, untold credits, Defender, lefh blower and a bunch of other tanks.

    I will be there buying a box or two. I don’t believe that I am more lucky than the average WG player who bought boxes either. The boxes are worth more (on the whole) than the money that they cost.

  7. I wonder what the new skins look like… Especially the AMX 13 105.

  8. I really got my money’s worth in gold and time last time but I’m not a collector so getting low tier prems was pretty ****, I did get a bunch of gold from tier 6-7 prems I already owned though.

    The 3D style I got for the batchat is great but I wish you could grind for them somehow, like a set of batchat specific missions instead of random chance, I didn’t even own the batchat at the time.

  9. Only if you are lucky to get bonus gold or tanks from which you get the compensation in gold from the tanks you already have, and prem days. The problem is that most of the time you get only 250 gold even tho you pay for like 500 worth of gold for 1 box. So in the end if you are lucky yes if not then you end up paying more than you actually get.

  10. I don’t mind the d-barrel in the loot boxes as long as they sold it outright side by side. The way they are doing it will not be fun for those who buy boxes to get the tank but end up without one. I didn’t mind last year with is-3a as it was already sold before.

  11. I don’t really understand the people bringing up the “gambling” aspect as something negativ. It’s part of life, it has always been. It’s normal in today’s society even for children, many children games are build around this aspect. I can remember, when I was a kid that I bought booster packs for the card game Magic the gathering, you never knew what you would draw or if the cards in the booster are of use to you.

    Even if you do not get any tanks in your boxes, they ARE a good deal. I’m not buying the boxes because I want tank (3D style) XYZ, I think no one should approach the loot boxes with this mindset. You should think of them as a nice bonus if you get some.

  12. Last time they talked about tank balance, they said all future rebalancing will be done AFTER ammo rebalance

  13. Spending $200 to get virtual pixels instead of buying yourself/family/friends something nice that you can actually use in the real world LMAO

  14. I bought the 75 box pack last year and recieved every premium tank aside from the E75. I also recieved 8 months of premium and 80000 gold. Everyone I know that got some boxes got more out of them than what they paid. I was so hesitant to go for it as I’m very much against loot boxes but WG seems to be doing it right.

  15. No new tanks for Christmas on the tech tree. Wargaming failed for Halloween now they failing Christmas too geez. But they had time to get the premium in and out testing of course. OF COURSE.

  16. Craig Fenris you must be a spoiled rich kid. Everyone gets the loot boxes for the tanks or gold you get if you already have the tank.

  17. Yeah well, WG NA oficial stream yesterday said they wont be selling ANY lootboxes due to legal changes in the industry, and to be managed as gift boxes. So shouldnt the leak have this in consideration as its a serious legal matter across the company? There will be changes for it beyond the name as they need to make sure you, mathematically obtain more value, so Id give this leak a 50_50. Btw the stream is there for everyone to see. THIS WAS POSTED ON RAGING RAPTORS VIDEOS ABOUT LOOT BOXES . WONDER IF ITS TRUE.

  18. I feel like this was done on purpose. Pretty sure that some bigwig at WG headquarters feels that putting in the new tank into lootboxes before the tech tree is available is the best business model. I mean, the tier 9 and 10 DB tanks as well as the prem tier 8 p***ed the supertest ages ago and for some reason the regular tier 8 was modeled only recently and just p***ed the supertest. They could have easily modeled the regular tier 8 first before the prem one but they didn’t. I strongly disagree with this strategy as the game popularity was at its peak when they released the Swedish tech tree for Xmas.

  19. Boa tarde tanqueiros,a respeito das caixas, em em particular comprei umas oito caixas, ganhei vários prêmios que não me recordo, mais o tanque que eu almejava não veio. mais 2 amigos que te tem muita mais ++++++ muita sorte , pegaram só 4 caixas , e ganharam 3 tanks… Este ano vamos ver , se tiver uns trocados sobrando tento sim a sorte novamente…

  20. You should look at some scientific articles. The fact is that your brain loves gambling, so that is why the lootboxes are so attractives.

  21. I agree. Even if you don’t get what you want, it’s still satisfying since it’s still largely interesting

  22. nice last year i got 5x the money invested / GAMBLED … so this year i wanted to buy 30k gold so i will buy the boxes

  23. Did they ever sell the 3D skins of last years holiday ops? Because I really want the two German ones and I don’t have 200 Bucks to invest this year…

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