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Giveaway: The Daily Bounce Advent Calendar Day 3 – Winners Announced

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Welcome to our third day of our Advent Calendar Giveaway! Don’t forget, there are prizes for EU and NA, just read all the descriptions and follow the rules! Good luck everyone!

Don’t forget, you also have our Bonus Advent Calendar where you can earn even more daily prizes and the World of Tanks International Facebook Group and get your hands on a third reward!

IMPORTANT: The following giveaway is only for EU Region accounts.

Advent Calendar 2020 Day 3 – EU Only


What American Heavy Tank used to be Tier IX and now is Tier VIII?


MyKeL_55 EU


5x Personal Reserve: Credits 25% for 2 hours

It’s a simple question but these changes were made a long time ago. If you think you know the answer, just leave the answer, together with your in-game name in the comments and remember to use your email to be contacted. A random winner will be selected from the comments and contacted directly and announced on this same post! The prize will be sent via email as a unique code!

Competition Rules:

  • A valid email must be used in the required field for the comment section.
  • Answer the question in the comments section.
  • Provide a valid EU region in-game name.
  • If a comment doesn’t have the correct answer, in-game name and/or email, the entry will be nulled.
  • Daily giveaway runs from 06:00 AM (GMT+00:00) ​UTC to 11:59 PM (GMT+00:00) UTC.
IMPORTANT: The following giveaway is only for EU & NA Region accounts

Bonus Advent Calendar Day 3 – NA & EU

Want a chance to win more prizes? Our daily giveaway will be simple, just follow the steps below and you will be automatically entered in the giveaway. The winner will be randomly selected and announced in tomorrow’s Advent Calendar article The prize will be sent via email as a Gift into your World of Tanks account, so make sure you keep an eye to and accept the gift Harkonnen will send you.


predator007_defender12 NA



Secret Bonus Advent Calendar Day 3 – EU Only

Want to test out a new tank? Join our Discord Server and enter the daily giveaway to get a World of Tanks Premium tank rental and reduced price.


72 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Daily Bounce Advent Calendar Day 3 – Winners Announced

  1. T34 heavy tank, in the same time T30 changed to TD…
    In-game name: ritam_nereda
    Server: EU

  2. T34

    With the tech tree rework, when t30 became TD instead of t10 heavy… Good old days, like 2012 or so

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