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First Update 1.19.1 Common Test: A New Heavy Tank Branch to Start 2023!

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The end of 2022 is approaching fast — as is a brand-new line of heavy tanks! The first Common Test of Update 1.19.1 is now live, giving players a chance to test-drive vehicles from the new Chinese heavy tank branch, all of which feature the new rocket booster mechanic!

Chinese Heavy Tank Line With Jet Boosters

This new branch consists of four researchable tanks from Tier VII through Tier X, starting from the VI 🇨🇳:MT:Type 58 (with the tier VII costing 56,000 XP to research — if you want to get a headstart, now is the time!):

All the new tanks feature strong hulls, well-sloped turret armor, and powerful guns with convenient depression angles. These advantages are counterbalanced, however, by their mediocre accuracy and long reload times. But the main gameplay hallmark of these new Chinese heavies is the jet booster mechanic, which is available for Tier VII–X vehicles. Let’s see how it works.

Jet Booster Mechanic

At the start of battle, the jet booster will take five (5) seconds to prepare for use. You’ll be notified of this in a corresponding indicator bar. After that, you can activate the booster using the X key by default. Once activated:

  • Your tank will receive a brief 10-second boost to its engine power (multiplied by 2.5x), top forward speed (52.5 kph), and initial momentum, allowing the heavy combat vehicle to accelerate faster.
  • However, your reverse gear (limited to -1.5 kph) and hull traverse (multiplied by 0.15x) will be rendered ineffective while the boost is active, and you will have a limited number of booster charges available in one battle. Therefore, be sure to use your boosts wisely!

When used correctly, this mechanic will allow you to quickly cross dangerous areas at critical moments in battle, ram lightly armored targets more efficiently, or occupy key positions faster.

You won’t be able to cancel the jet boost effect until it is fully depleted. After that, you will need to wait four (4) seconds until the booster is reloaded. Depending on the vehicle’s tier, you can activate it up to six times per battle:

  • VII 🇨🇳:HT:BZ-58 – 3 charges
  • VIII 🇨🇳:HT:BZ-166 – 4 charges
  • IX 🇨🇳:HT:BZ-68 – 5 charges
  • X 🇨🇳:HT:BZ-75 – 6 charges

Branch Details

Some notable details have arrived since the line was first unveiled a few months ago:

  1. Whereas some of these vehicles originally featured two gun options in supertest – one being a conventional cannon and the other being a howitzer – none of the vehicles (including the tier IX and X, which were both tested with the two separate gun options) feature the second gun option anymore. The howitzer gun options have been removed — only the conventional-style guns remain.
  2. Unlike some other vehicles in the Chinese tech tree (i.e. the IX 🇨🇳:MT:WZ-120, known for having one of the worst stock grinds in the game), these vehicles feature zero stock gun grinds — even the VII 🇨🇳:HT:BZ-58’s “stock” 85 mm is a usable top gun option, and the tier VIII-X vehicles all have only one (1) gun. The grinds are instead primarily focused into the tracks, engines, and turrets (radios carry over from other vehicles in the Chinese tree).

As for the individual vehicles themselves, these are as follows:

Tier VII – BZ-58

The new line kicks off with the 🇨🇳:HT:BZ-58 at Tier VII, featuring a tough turret, reasonable damage per shot, and great penetration values on its top 100 mm gun. You will also have a choice between two guns—85 mm and 100 mm—which offer different gameplay depending on your individual playstyle.

Tier VIII – BZ-166

The next newcomer at Tier VIII is the 🇨🇳:HT:BZ-166, featuring an unusual hull, well-sloped turret armor, and convenient gun depression angles. The BZ-166’s mobility is relatively low due to its decent armor, but you can always improve your top forward speed by activating its rocket boosters (in the case of this vehicle, up to 4 times in one battle).

Tier IX – BZ-68

Now for the top-tier tanks, starting with the menacing Tier IX 🇨🇳:HT:BZ-68. This tank is always ready to shock enemies in frontal attacks with its powerful gun. On the other hand, its long reload time and poor accuracy are valid arguments against engaging in close combat with fast-firing opponents. Luckily, it can make the most of the terrain thanks to tough turret armor and excellent gun depression angles—albeit, be wary of aiming over the vehicle’s front hull corners, as these hamper the vehicle’s gun depression significantly.

Tier X – BZ-75

As the top vehicle of the new line, the Tier X 🇨🇳:HT:BZ-75‘s key battle parameters are similar to those of the other Chinese heavy tanks. Like its brothers-in-arms, this vehicle has solid armor, respectable alpha damage, and great gun depression angles. You can rely on its jet boosters often – up to 6 times in one battle – when you need to make a tactical retreat or cross a dangerous area on the battlefield. However, be mindful of the vehicle’s cupolas, as well as the bar in the center of the turret — these all present themselves as very large, easily-exploitable weakspots for the enemy, regardless of terrain!

More details regarding these vehicles will be published at a later date (closer to Update 1.19.1’s official release date). For now, here is the list of changes for the first iteration of the Update 1.19.1 Common Test:

List of Changes (1.19.1 CT1)

Main Changes

New branch of Chinese tanks with jet booster mechanics

Four new heavy tanks (from Tier VII to Tier X) have been added:

New Vehicles for Testing by Supertest Players


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: 🇩🇪:TDelite:Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK

Official In-Game Text Descriptions

Historical Reference: In the mid-1960s, under the influence of the Swedish Strv S, West Germany started working on turretless vehicles. One of the projects was named the Projekt 07 HK. German engineers took the gun outside, and the suspension allowed the vehicle to incline its hull and increase the gun depression angles. As additional armaments, two 20 mm automatic guns were provided. The distinctive features of the vehicle were the crew capsule and cameras for a better view range. No prototypes were built.

Long Description: A German tank destroyer with Siege mode. The distinctive feature is its well-sloped frontal armor. The additional protection not only increases the survivability of the vehicle, but it also makes it more versatile in battle.

Short Description: Siege mode and a low silhouette


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: 🇨🇳:HTelite:BZ-58-2

Official In-Game Text Descriptions

“Historical” Reference: Development began in the late 1950s under the concept of creating “frontier-covering tanks.” The distinctive feature was the combined hull: Its frontal armor was cast with large upper glacis slopes, while the rest of the hull was welded. One of the design versions was to mount a large cast turret, in the development of which the Chinese engineers were obviously inspired by the experience of their Polish colleagues.

Long Description: A Chinese heavy tank with a unique combination of a reliable turret, powerful gun, and depression/elevation angles unusual for vehicles of this nation. Its well-armored turret means this vehicle can take advantage of terrain irregularities.

Short Description: A large-caliber gun and reliable turret

NOTE: This vehicle will likely be exclusive to the 🇨🇳 CN game region, similarly to the other two Chinese heavy tanks which follow the same formula (Chinese hull + other nation’s turret): WZ-113-II and WZ-111 model 6.

JapanThe following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: :TDelite:Type 5 Ho-To

Official In-Game Text Descriptions

Historical Reference: From 1942, Japanese engineers began to take an active interest in German tanks in general, as well as in their components. By 1943, a large amount of materials was accumulated, which served as a basis for creating their own projects, one of which was the Type 5 Ho-To heavy tank destroyer. Its very powerful armament allowed it to hit any American tank, and its thick frontal armor provided reliable protection from most tank destroyers. The presence of such a vehicle would have significantly strengthened Japan’s defense potential, but its development began too late. It existed only in blueprints due to the war ending.

Long Description: A Japanese tank destroyer with outstanding mobility and maneuverability, equipped with an excellent armament. Its combination of combat characteristics allows you to confidently take key positions on maps for full control of the battlefield.

Short Description: An accurate gun and excellent maneuverability

Known Issues

  • The vehicle role for the BZ-58, BZ-166, and BZ-68 in the game is displayed as Breakthrough Heavy Tank instead of Assault Heavy Tank.
  • During the Common Test some clan-related features may not work properly. In particular clan chat, clan page, and clan search.
  • The jet booster mechanic is currently not visually displayed when activated on the following vehicles:
    • Tier VII – BZ-58
    • Tier VIII – BZ-166
    • Tier IX – BZ-68
    • Tier X – BZ-75

For info regarding how to download/set up the Common Test client on your computer, check out the dedicated article on the WoT Portal (at the bottom).

The new branch will launch shortly after the New Year. Stay tuned for more info, as well as the official release dates!

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