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Black Market 2021: The Warehouse Is Now Closed!

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The Black Market 2021 has come to an end! Another year, another thousand accounts completely emptied of Credits and Gold, but was it all worth it? The answer to that question, only you know.

This year Black Market event was intensive, with crazy amounts of credits being spent to get some vehicles, and at the same time, a massive increase in Auctions deals. The list of vehicles wasn’t as impressive as other years, but there was still something out there for the Collectors.

Now the Boss is out there trying to get more stock for the next Black Market, there is one question that arises: what will he sell next? Only time will tell. But I do have a question for all of you, what do you think of the Black Market? Was it a good event in 2021 or worse than in other years? Let me know what you think in the comment section, and for me, here are my thoughts:

  • NegativeTwo deals a day: Having two deals per day creates the issue of very early deals in certain timezones, like 04:00 AM GMT. Would prefer to see 1 deal a day, for 14 days, or worst-case scenario, two deals a day, but having the certainty that the first deal is always an Auction.
  • NegativeClosed Auctions: Having no idea of how many players are bidding and what is an average bid, creates this massive inflated market for a vehicle, meaning some vehicles went for ridiculous amounts of Credits.
  • NegativeOverpriced vehicles: Starting bids on some vehicles were just too much, meaning a lot of deals weren’t even accessible to the Free2Play players out there.
  • NegativeOverhyped “rare” vehicles: Some vehicles have a status of rare, when in reality they aren’t even rare, like AMX 50 Foch (155), etc. These vehicles were removed because of a reason, the majority because they were underpowered and not even that attractive to play. Now they are getting sold for ridiculous amounts of Credits, to just disappoint the buyers once they get them.
  • NegativeThe end of rare vehicles: Some vehicles are now losing their rarety status because they are being made available in huge amounts during the Black Market. The prices on the other hand, don’t seem to reflect that.
  • NegativeGambling Warehouse: The idea of the Secret Warehouse is good, but the delivery is quite bad because introduces Gambling. The Warehouse is a good deal for those players who have almost everything, it’s an opportunity to grab some nice collector vehicle they missed, but for the average player is a huge gamble because they might end up paying Gold5,000 and Credits5,100,000 and end up to choose between 5 low Tier/low-value vehicles. On the other hand, some players were able to grab some vehicles for a fracture of the price other players paid for. The gamble is huge and it can be pretty frustrating for players because they can either get a great deal or a really bad one.
  • NegativeOverpriced “skin” tanks: Do even need to say anything about this one? The lowest bid for a WZ-111 Qiling was around Credits26,000,000, which is a regular Tier X cost + Credits20,000,000 for a skin that we can’t even remove from the vehicle… And as its a Reward vehicle, can’t be used in any kind of events like Team Clash or Ranked Battles!
  • NegativeLack of regular sales: While some like auctions, others would like to see more regular sales. The reason behind this is: easier to access to average players. While it can be frustrating for stock to fly in seconds, if the deal was made available to preview a couple of hours before it started, it would give the opportunity to almost everyone to be able to log in at a particular time and try to grab the deal.
  • NegativeRegular Black Version Vehicles: These are the worse vehicles to have in the Black Market, especially for those who tried to get something special in the Secret Warehouse. If a player decides he doesn’t want to have black versions of regular vehicles, it creates this issue of having a huge list of vehicles that he doesn’t have, that can end up as a “proposed” deal. Why would anyone want two T 34 or IS-6, etc, but painted black? Remove these and just create a style for Black tanks.
  • PositiveOpen Auctions: The introduction of Open Auctions was a very positive change. While some vehicles still were sold for overpriced values, at least it gives a chance to everyone to see how many players are participating, how much is the average Bid and then try their luck.
  • PositiveSecret Warehouse: Was nice because I was able to get the SU-76i! Aside from that, not that positive to introduce gamble to the Black Market.
Deal 1TL-1 LPCClosed Auction3,000,000 Credits
Deal 2M10 RBFMOpen Auction300 Gold
Deal 3Turtle Mk1Sale6,000,000 Credits
Deal 4E 50 Ausf. M 3D Style ‘Nimmermer’Closed Auction255 Gold
Deal 5WZ-111 QilinClosed Auction15,000,000 Credits
Deal 6Škoda T 27Open Auction5,600 Gold
Deal 7A-32Sale7,500 Gold
Deal 8Aufklärungspanzer PantherOpen Auction3,000,000 Credits
Deal 9T-22Closed Auction15,000,000 Credits
Deal 1050TP prototypClosed Auction5,000 Gold
Deal 11AMX 50 Foch (155)Sale20,000,000 Credits
Deal 12IS-2 BerlinClosed Auction1,000,000 Credits
Deal 13Progetto M35 mod. 46Closed Auction7,500 Gold
Deal 14Secret WarehouseSale + Gamble5,000 Gold (Slot 1)
900,000 Credits (Slot 2)
1,150,000  Credits (Slot 3)
1,400,000 Credits (Slot 4)
1,650,000 Credits (Slot 5)
Deal 1Lansen CSale8,500,000 Credits
Deal 2AMX 13 57 GFSale7,000 Gold
Deal 3Chrysler K GFClosed Auction3,000,000 Credits
Deal 4105 LEFH18B2Sale300 Gold
Deal 5SU-76iSale15,000 Gold
Deal 6Caernarvon Action XClosed Auction5,000 Gold
Deal 7FV215B (183)Sale22,000,000 Credits
Deal 8Type 59GClosed Auction20,000 Gold
Deal 9Pz Kpfw 38H 735Sale9,500 Gold
Deal 10Panzer 58BClosed Auction3,000,000 Credits
Deal 11x3 Orders CampaignSale1,500 Gold
Deal 12Object 261 3D StyleClosed Auction261 Gold
Deal 13Panhard EBR 75Closed Auction10,000 Gold
Deal 14BT-SVClosed Auction10,000,000 Credits
Deal 1M41 90 GFSale5,000,000 Credits
Deal 2FCM 36 Pak 40Sale3,500,000 Credits
Deal 3Type 59GSale25,000 Gold
Deal 4Sexton ISale500,000 Credits
Deal 5FV215B (183)Sale23,000,000 Credits
Deal 6WZ-111 Alpine TigerSale10,000 Gold
Deal 7Caernarvon Action XSale9,000,000 Credits
Deal 8Panzer IV HydrostatSale6,500,000 Credits
Deal 9Panzer II JSale15,000 Gold
Deal 10Panzer V/IVSale5,500 Gold
Deal 11T34BSale8,500,000 Credits
Deal 12T34BSale8,500,000 Credits
Deal 13Holiday Ops 3D StylesSale3,500 Gold (Per Style)
Deal 14IS-6BSale8,000 Gold
Deal 15AMX Foch 155Sale25,000,000 Credits

15,466 thoughts on “Black Market 2021: The Warehouse Is Now Closed!

  1. Youll never be able to get rid of extreme bids for credits or gold. Adept players at making credits simply play more, usually better (just facts) and hunt for boosters better or collect rewards/missions better.

  2. For me the lsit above here pretty much oppistie I liked most stuff I’m not going to buy a wz 11 5 a for 26 mil and stuff like that I do want more credits t6 7 8 premium tanks offer maybe flash or auction I don’t care to much jsut more f2p freidnly about the warehouse I feel like if you want to pay you should know the risk you take and you might not get what you want if you buy it and after be mad you got trash you should have kept in mind that that can happen although I do like the secret warehouse gamble system more then normal lootbxes for me it was definitely still worth it and liek this event

  3. This has been the first time I bought some tanks, so I cannot compare.
    But in my opinion, it’s a way to get tanks not on sale (now), but offered in events before newer players started to play. Also, you can even save some gold / credits in the auction. I got three tanks in auctions, two of them paying less than the official price. The third one was a caprice. Oh, and my fourth bid lost. It was the only one in credits and I forgot how many somebody have.

    In the final game, I got the Chinese heavy as a second offer. Although it wasn’t my real target, its official price is more than twice the 5.000 gold needed to bet and the probability to get in the next slot / bet my target or a better or more expensive tank was not high. Also, I’m pretty new at this game and I have no Chinese heavy. So I conformed with the Snow Tiger.

  4. i guess the pictures of the tanks in the garage didn’t mean too much.. No Renegade to get? I rate this as a “over” priced Yard sale.

  5. Two deals a day: Sounds ok for me to keep adrenaline running
    Closed Auctions: yes WG better getting rid of this cause leading to Panic Buy price inflation, and its not healthy to do any-credits related event in long run.
    Overpriced Vehicles: Thats very subjective on the amount of “overpriced”, usually we follow tech tree tank prices
    Overhyped “rare” vehicles: Deathstar & Foch 155 are well-known on their rarity and difficulty to pull the amazing game off, those who bid/purchase these vehicle usually will do some homework before deciding to throw the credits.
    The end of rare vehicles: I though you mentioned some vehicles is overpriced & not friendly to F2Players, and yet you want to keep them rare? a little contradicting here.
    Gambling Warehouse: I gonna agree&disgree with you here, I got the gold & credits for 3 keys at least, and I cant even try my luck on getting a type59G, but This warehouse only grant 1 key. I wish it can offer more than 1 keys. But yes This warehouse is not really for F2Players.
    Overpriced “skin” tanks: WZ-111 Qilin is not even 5A + skin from the beginning, It is a unique tank on its own with 560alpha. I prefer it to remain it that way. But WG is lame we all know.
    Lack of regular sales: Its Black Market, its not some retail Gold purchase like Advent Calendar.
    Regular Black Version Vehicles: As opposed to WZ-111-Qilin unique-ness, this I agree just separate the Black tanks into, Regular + Black styles.

  6. I don’t think the Qilin was overpriced at 26,000,000 and here’s why: 1) It’s not just skin, it is a tier X reward/premium tank for credits. 2) You can just swap crews without penalty and you get an EXP bonus. 3) You can’t just say that the WZ-111 5A costs 6.1 million; you have to factor in the grind: costs for the lower tier tanks, their modules and eqipment/consumables, maybe free-XP to research modules quicker – a lot of time, money and nerves spent until you can get to tier X.
    Suddenly 26 million doesn’t sound too bad.

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