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Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 21

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Hello everyone,

Today we have got a surprise for the Advent Calendar, the KV-122. For those who don’t know what tank is it, it’s just the old KV-1S but revamped for Tier VII with a 122mm gun. You can get the KV-122 with a Garage Slot, 8,250 Gold, 15 missions for 5x XP for a Victory and 30 personal reserves +100% Crew XP for two hours for only €49.99… Yeah, expensive for a Tier VII tank that no one could test before it was made available. If you just want the tank, you can get the KV-122 with a garage slot for €23.20. Is worth it? I can’t really tell you if it is or not. It should be a decent tank if it was Tier VI, but that gun against Tier IX? I’m not so sure.


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8 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 21

  1. “that gun against Tier IX”

    The gun is over all better than the IS and IS-2… and those tanks arent exactly slouches as bottom tier…

  2. Is in not just the Kv85 model (as it is in-game now) with tier 7 stats- effectively free money for WG and a test for doing this with other tanks…

  3. Bought it and they have changed the model; and the gun performance and speeD are good, but as said by someone else, don’t expect to bounce anything ?

  4. No thanks; a KV-85 a tier higher…sounds bad. Tier VII is a terrible tier, especially for heavies.

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