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A World of Gambling Broken Tanks

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Crates, Large Holiday Boxes, Gift Boxes, Loot Boxes, you can call them what you want but they are here! These first came to World of Tanks in 2017 during the New Years holiday season and it looks like they will be coming for many years after. What really are these crates and what is Wargaming trying to achieve? Could they be yet another way to destroy World of Tanks?

A gamble or a good deal?

Crates are becoming more of a standard in any game nowadays and they still don’t have any kind of regulation in many countries around the World. Child gambling has skyrocketed in the UK and many blame it to games because kids are exposed to gambling while playing Call of Duty and Battlefield for example and these business models became very lucrative for Game Developers. But while lucrative, they are cloudy and questionable because of the lack of regulation and transparency and developers try to disguise them as a good deal, mainly because you get more value when compared to what you paid.

Of course, Wargaming wants a piece of the pie and having a more mature player base they can easily cash in more money than other games. Adults having their own income and having less time to play will easily give in cash to either get a rare vehicle, extra goods or to grind through a collection quicker.

Warships Crates

Having a crate system isn’t new to Wargaming as we all know, they first appeared in World of Warships where players can get them for free by just playing the game. It’s true these aren’t gambling since you get them for free and you try your luck to get extra in-game goods, although they are already doing something to your subconscious, they make your mind more welcoming to gamble.

A simple system like that doesn’t harm the game, actually reward players for playing and I wouldn’t mind seeing it in World of Tanks too. The problem starts with when you have to pay for a crate. World of Warships has a mix of crates you can pay money for, the simplest version is Premium Container, these usually are linked with a specific in-game Collection and enables players to get two collection items, a number of camouflages and a random bonus Signal Flags.

Warships Container

A small controlled gamble that is easily accepted by a player, mainly because all they are doing is buying the collection items and getting an extra also available for free in-game or separately in the Premium Shop.

Are these crates bad for World of Warships? In my opinion, no, these are a kind of crates I can see players buying just for the simple reason of completing a collection and not actually to gamble for a reward. If a system like this was ever introduced to World of Tanks, where players could get a collection item and a bunch of Premium Consumables, it wouldn’t be harming the game by creating a pay-to-win system, because players could get these for free anyway. But these systems take us to what it’s, in my honest opinion, the most toxic gambling system ever in gaming history – Santa Gifts and Holiday Ops Boxes.

World of Warships on-going holiday event offers players the opportunity to buy three different kinds of crates called Santa Gift, the bigger the gift the better the rewards. These rewards are all highly desirable items of bigger value when compared to the price, but the player also has a chance to get 1 from 56 Premium ships. Using Premium ships has a decoy to get players to spend money, to get them to test their luck and see if they can get that one Premium ship they want is amazingly wrong.

World of Tanks also has an on-going holiday event that offers players the opportunity to buy what is called Large Boxes. These boxes also have guaranteed rewards in them from a list, but again the player has a chance of getting 1 from 7 Premium tanks and here is where the case gets even worse, Wargaming intentionally used broken/overpowered vehicles to lure players to these boxes.

You might not agree, but I strongly believe that when a player buys a crate with a random item from a list but also has a completely random chance of getting a very desirable item, is in fact gambling. Trying to disguise crates with the wording good deal for value is a despicable tactic, the idea that because you aren’t losing money can justify Wargaming to do this kind of events is implicitly depraved and repugnant.

Toxic or not?

The question remains, are these toxic for the game or not? The answer is quite simple, at least for me, all you need to do is see what kind of impact this has on the game. I’ll focus my attention on World of Tanks, but all I’m going to argue can easily be applied to World of Warships too.

First, how does Wargaming promote the crate system for the event? They use and abuse the word guaranteed. The constant promotion of the event selling the idea that players get a guaranteed prize is a good deal, especially if the prize can be a highly desired Premium tank.

Second, Wargaming doesn’t share a single statistic on your chances of winning any of the guaranteed prizes. You know you will win two ornaments and 250 Gold, but that’s it. That is right, you are going in blind and you will never know if you have 1%, 3%, 1 out of 100 boxes, etc. What most players do is either guess what the chances could be or just go all in with their luck.

The idea is to lure a buyer by creating an illusion you can get that desired prize at any moment. Everyone who buys one of these crates has high expectations to get one of the Tier VIII Premium tanks, they don’t care about the ornament they are getting in the box, no, all they want is the adrenaline rush of seeing that video showing a Tier VIII Premium tank rolling down the snow into his garage.

Third and not last, broken problematic tanks. Now you might say – “Broken is a question of perception.“, to what I’ll urge you to have a look at the E 25, Object 252U Defender and IS-3A. The sneaky German tank destroyer E 25 was removed from the Premium Shop because, on Wargaming own words – “…this popularity means that the total number of E 25s being used is steadily increasing, which leads to an increase of imbalanced battles among its tier scope.”, meaning Wargaming is fully aware this tank is problematic to the game.

Holiday Ops 2019 E 25

Object 252U Defender, yet another classic example, the tank isn’t even sold normally in the European region and on other regions is rarely sold because it has such broken armour that players have a love/hate relationship with the tank. While it doesn’t perform that amazingly well against high Tiers, it can easily dominate a lower Tier battle and no one can do much against him.

You now might question this last point, but instead of thinking you will be getting Tier X battles 75% of the time, think about those players on Tier VI that get Tier VIII battles 75% of their time, how fair is to them to have to face a tank like this in a Tier VI? And don’t forget, it has an overall Win Rate of 54%, higher than any other Tier VIII tank, a clear sign something is wrong.

And don’t even get me started with the IS-3A, from a weakling tank that no one wanted in their garage, one of the worse ever selling Soviet heavy tanks, to become a powerhouse of destruction to all tiers. Wargaming brilliant idea of creating an IS-3, with an IS-5 gun with no drawbacks at all. Good armour, amazing shell velocity, 3 shells in a brand new auto-reloader system that takes less time to reload the fewer shells you have loaded. The only balancing factor? Matchmaking. Wargaming expects to balance this tank throwing him against Tier X most of the time.

This beast of a tank, while does have bad accuracy and it’s slower than a regular IS-3, can destroy anything in its path most of the battles, even at Tier X, it can perform quite well. And the cherry on top of the cake, how do you introduce a tank broken like this? Crates, make it available only in crates, to make it even more desirable.

Holiday Ops 2019 IS-3A

So back to our question – are these crates toxic? Yes, of course they are. Crates bring out our greed to get pay-to-win content, destroy our moral values in the hopes of getting that good deal for value, without even considering what impact these might have in the game. In short, crates make the same player who complains about Pay-to-Win, overpowered tanks or bad matchmaking, willing to spend money so they also can have an edge over their enemies.

My position, my stand!

Of course, all said before is only my opinion, I don’t expect you to agree and neither do I ask you to agree with me. All I want is to share my thoughts, my feelings about a game that I’m passionate about, that I’m not tired of playing the game, but frustrated with Wargaming decisions and the direction of the game.

Wargaming offered 200 crates to all Community Contributors, from European and North American regions and I’ve made the decision of not accepting them. As far as I know, please do correct me if I’m wrong, I might have been the only Contributor that made this decision. Why? Because I couldn’t take something from Wargaming that I despise, that I believe is destroying World of Tanks, that I believe is a pure disgusting gambling exploit to the player base, or like one of my favourite characters says loath entirely! (Grinch).

I simply didn’t think it would be decent of me to take 200 crates, make an article or video or stream opening them, just to later criticize Wargaming. If I made an article or video showing me opening crates, I would be creating expectations in you, I would create a temptation for you to buy crates and see if you would be as lucky as me. I simply couldn’t have that in my consciousness.

What can be done to improve?

The hardest part is trying to improve all this, trying to actually have a fun event that isn’t exploiting the player base. First of all, I believe Wargaming should never offer Premium vehicles in crates, mainly because that is the number one reason anyone would try to gamble 5€ in three boxes to try their luck.

Second of all, show the chances of winning any of the prizes so the buyer can make an informed decision. Would you buy a crate know you have 1% chance of getting an extra prize? At least this way, anyone who would fall for the temptation of gambling away, would most probably think twice before they made the purchase.

Make the focus of these event crates the ornaments, not a list of Premium tanks. Players should buy crates because they don’t have time to grind all the ornaments, not to get prizes. Make a similar approach World of Warships has with Premium Containers. Players would get the ornaments and a few extra goods that can be also bought in the Premium Shop on their own. Finally, introduce some nice Styles or Camouflages that can be earned with crates, but also make them available in-game for either Credits or Gold.

These are of course just some ideas, but I think they are enough to understand how we could have a fun event, that isn’t introducing more broken vehicles or exploiting gambling in the game. Is this an unreasonable request?

I would love to hear your opinions, please leave your ideas and thoughts in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “A World of Gambling Broken Tanks

  1. I have to agree with everything you said here in your article Harkonnen. I want those gambling boxes gone. Like I can give you an example: My sisters a dairy cow farmer and that’s how she get’s her living. Now imagine my sister going to a cow shed and roll a dice to see what cows she’s going to milk that day. I dont think my sister would be allowed to milk cows at her cow for quite many hours at her shed if she would start rolling a dice and seeing a what cows she starts to milk.

  2. I don’t know for sure but as 4TankersAndDog on NA has basically unistallet WoT for the duration on the Xmas event in protest, before it even started, I’m pretty sure he didn’t ask for the crates either.

  3. World of Warships isn’t much of gamble given that most ships are available from the Premium Shop. And the drop rates in Warships is amazing. I bought a $50 big santa crate and got the Alabama, Duke of York, and Kronshtadt!

  4. Cant complain either year… In wot.
    Last year I got 59… And mannny more.

    This year, 25* box… I got is3a, m4imp, Turan iii and e25 (which I owned, so 6700g)

    Including the double, I got 16.500g.
    As well credits. pTime. Slots etc. And my four ladies (the pretty 3 for is3)

    If you are after something specific, well. That’s bad. However the value of the packs is still way above the entry price…

    And since I can buy this year with gold in the calendar… Well… Makes it sexy. Any tier8 can be mine (like last year)

    40€ is price for a tier 8
    You get that… And the rest is basically a freebie.

    Most gift tanks we’re on sale this year many times. Within the calendar too.

    Last year, I have to say, were A LOT… And partial wayy more rare tanks among them … And still… Neither of them is Jesus. Can’t drive on water.

    If you care for a surprise. Do it.
    It not… Use the store… It’s 24/7 open.
    I can recommend plenty tanks there.

    Everything beyond is just people wanting stuff because…. Reasons.

    I recommend to buy it if it was in store.
    Just remember they might pull tanks.
    I missed out on 59 on last day… Cause I thought it comes back.

    Same for others.

    Either get whww you want when it’s ”Fair” … Or let it go. Anything beyond is jealousy. One nobody has to have. Most tanks may don’t fit your playstile would feel like a chore to play for a few credits extra n hour.

    Is3a is sluggish like Defender.
    The reload weird… Aimtime/acc eh..

    Any is6 is easier played and more fun.

    So… What’s being upset really all about?

  5. I don’t even know what to tell you regarding your incoherent lies. I played IS3A, you shill, and it’s broken to no end. You missed every point about this ever.

  6. Sorry, sir, are you ******ed?
    You basically have the potencial dmg of a Jadgpanzer E100, then you became a normal IS3.
    If thats not broken to you, then, obviously something is BROKEN IN YOUR BRAIN.

    It doesnt matter if you get more value for your money, the thing here is…

    I aint playing this **** of a game now, developers like this DO NOT DESERVE ANY MONEY.

  7. well said – WOT have lost the plot. They just want to line their pockets and stuff the rest of us……. the IS-3A is a joke. better off dropping this game and moving on to something else. obviously someone needs a bonus this year….

  8. Good article It is a sneaky way of avoiding gambling regulations and should be stopped. Gambling is an addiction a m***ive money making company like wargaming should be ashamed of themselves

  9. One of the best article i read on this page Totaly agree with you its a shady tactic to lure specially kids to gambling UK way show how dangerous it is
    I have similar problem with my kid (9 year old) Went to pick him from school and was shocked to discover almost 70% of his male cl***mates that plays World of tanks was talking to him how lootboxes are fun and he should buy them to get op tanks.
    Immediately after coming home i uninstaled Wot from kid pc as a stopgap till he understand how bad for him and his friends lootboxes are and what gambling is and how harmful it is for him.
    Cant control other kids unfortunately but its clear how bad and easy lure it is for them and how huge impact have gambling on them and spreading quickly over others.

  10. You can tell that Wargaming is really going downhill when somebody as sympathetic and loyal as Harkonnen finds it necessary to word such strong criticism. I do agree with him, although I think World of Tanks’ problems these days run much deeper.

    Just one point of criticism: Ever since the release of the Skorpion G, new Tier VIII premium tanks have grown stronger and stronger when compared to their free counterparts, to the effect that Tier VIII matches these days usually include 80%+ premium Tier VIII tanks. This development is just plain wrong – it was never supposed to be that way – and it simply can’t go on. If it does, people will play fewer and fewer free tanks (and possibly), and – worse – matchmaking will become more and more of a farce, because the difference WITHIN a tier between strong and poor tanks will become so marked as to make matchmaking of same-tier tanks meaningless. Ironically, I’m sure this strategy will also hurt sales of premium tanks in the long run, because this is not a sustainable model – fewer and fewer people will see any point investing into a game that becomes ever more unbalanced. Wargaming is putting short term profit over a sustainable development of the game. Makes me wonder if they have lost faith in their game and decided to simply milk it to the end.

    Again, that was just one grievance of many. I think the game is in dire need of reform. Wargaming should not shy away from drastic measures such as, for instance, nerfing premium tanks (they have done it before, after all). Can’t see that happening, though. This year’s Christmas lootbox shenanigans are just the latest indication that Wargaming has no real intention to address the elementary problems of the game.

  11. Loot boxes and gambling. I don’t think this is something new or bad to start with. When I remember back when I was young, I bought boosters for the trading card game Magic, you didn’t know what you would get, and I think this is the same wíth the wot loot boxes. I even got a whole display box for my birthday and didn’t get the one rare Magic card I really wanted. You know up front that you don’t know what you would get. Do I like the whole concept of loot boxes in games ? No, not really, but in case of wargaming, I don’t consider it as something bad. They are only here for christmas, you can buy many premium tanks everyday and check once a week if your favourite one is available. I would despise the loot boxes, if they were the only way to get e.g. premium tanks. But they are just an additional way to get premium time and gold, as a bonus you have the chance to get a tank as well.

    I bought 25 this year and got very lucky with 2 defenders, IS-3A, M4I and the 4 styles and loads of gold. The reason I bought them was because I wanted some gold and I was hoping to get the M4Improved. People should not buy the boxes if they want any of the tier 7 and 8 tanks, I consider those as a pure bonus.

    Concerning the IS-3A, I hate the idea of a reverse autoloader, it did sound horribly unbalanced when it first appeared on the supertest and it really is. I like it when tanks have pros and cons and you have to make them work.

    It is easy to say that wargaming is heading into a bad direction with the changes to the IS-3A, when at the same time they implement the “holy grail”, I mean styles for tanks. This has been something I’ve been waiting for. I really enjoy cosmetic changes and customisation in other games like heroes of the storm, Rainbow6, league of legends and so on. Now, wargaming just needs to create more of them and make them available in the premium shop.

    I don’t want overpowered tank – I much prefere styles!

  12. We had boxes earlier than last year’s Christmas period tho, we had them in December 2016 for the first time. Although they were a bit different, you could buy a box for €1 and had a chance to get the M46 Patton KR in it, if not you would get atleast 250 gold in your box.

  13. Well buddy, i agree in great part with your opinion. by other side, it’s a good deal for those who haven’t enough time or money to use in game. The itens in boxes are very good. For my, as example, i bought 25 boxes and won, a defender, a E-25 ( 6700 gold ) i have one, and a lot of gold ( so i take SP with discount); 20 days Premiun . The wrong side is ” gambling mode”. Overpowered tanks ” russian in general” coincidence; IS3-A join the 268-4 team. i dont know if this path of WG are right to the future of the game, but i expect that wrong decisions of devs can be fixed soon as possible, MM and other things.

  14. Ok, so here go my two cents on how to trying to make the hole experience better: a Secret Santa style event.
    What if WG made it so that you could only gift away these crates? You could never buy them to your self, just gift them to other players, either friends or random players.
    – you could only gift each friend once, so you are not cheating the system, and you need to have played a fair number of battles, so that you don’t just create a new account to gift yourself;
    – and in order to gift random players, WG could create a list of players that haven’t received anything yet, and those would have priority over those that have received something already. And when everybody has received something, the list resets, if people still want to gift away.
    Harkonnen, I’m not all that much into this topic, and I don’t know if someone has already made this proposal, but i do hope to ear your opinion on this system I am putting suggesting.

  15. I wont buy any boxes because i dont support WG deicisions. I play very little WOT compared to when i first started just because its not that fun anymore. Only reason i play WOT is because Ive played it for so long and invested so much time its become a habit. WG can do what their are doing because nothing stops them, people keep buying prems and WG keep releasing new ones. I hope they change and start fixing the game, but thats probably will happen when pigs starts to fly.

  16. Completely agree Harkonnen, this is pure gambling. For me, this is not so much of an issue, I’m an adult and don’t mind gambling every now and then. However, what I don’t like is that a lot of younger people play this game, and this is not good for them.
    I also feel the power creep from premiums, so was quite happy when I got the E25 (I know I’m now one of those people lol), but luckily WG’s broken MM still mean my 252U goes up against mostly tier 9 and 10s which truly show it’s weaknesses. If they address the MM then a lot of these premium tanks and going to have a huge bias.

  17. For me, im taking a break for maybe a year, comming back just to see if the IS4 is fairly improved then wait 6 monts and see how’s WG doing his “fix”, then wait until the end of the year and see how its working, then decide if leave or continue.

  18. These WoT lootboxes should’ve been handled differently. If a box got you a skin, or some other cosmetic, I’d be all for it. Not that I like the idea of lootboxes, but it would have caused a lesser ****storm than what we got here.

  19. I agree 100% with this guy. The crates are overwhelmingly a good deal and I love em. Tones of gold to buy advent calendar stuff and my next year’s Premium account for a fraction of the price and loads of free stuff and decorations too – it’s a no brainer

  20. Harkonnen is correct and kudos to him for taking that stand. I sold my CC gifted free IS-3A and uninstalled WoT on my gaming desktop as seen in the video I published, but yes I did take the 200 loot boxes, tracked precisely what was inside and posted those results on my FB page and to the WoT forums for those collating such data, but did not make any video or any other posting about it as to not feed the buzz. And PS two thumbs up to the above, 100% correct and well said.

  21. I don’t see a single problem with this. If you don’t want to buy the loot crates, don’t but don’t complain when other people want to. It’s their money to do what they please.

  22. I don’t like the fact that I can get tanks that are not available in the store, but I will admit I threw money at this system last year to get the Type 59… the fact that the chance to get it was very high when the event started last year (was ‘patched’ after a few days or a week, iirc; I remember stories that the chance to get it dropped m***ively) is what convinced me to try then. I really wanted that tank, it was the only one in my vast collection that was missing.
    But I am fully aware I fell for the gambling trap. Sure, the extra gold and prem time was useful, no doubt, but I am aware I DID gamble for a Type 59 with my own money.
    I would very much be willing to pay for crates if they gave me all the ornaments I need to get to festive atmosphere level X. It would help with the grind to get all the camos in all the style sets, I like that they put stuff like unique camos in the game (they could be a little more subtle, though)
    BUT I have to admin that the 75 crate option is too much: too many crates of one single style type. There’s 15 slots: 2 for yard, 2 for sculpture, 2 for kitchen, 9 for tree. I don’t really need a 75-crate bundle to get full atmosphere level. I’m pretty sure people buy that pack to get themselves what they believe will be a higher chance to get the defender or is3-a
    Why the **** are 3D styles only available via crates? That is stupid. So if I want those my only option is to gamble? Geez, that is stupid…

  23. Same here, my kid Harry, 15 years old came to me over the weekend. He asked me for money for Xmas. I said “NO” I enjoy getting you presents I said and the same goes for my sister and Nan (who he lives with. Him and his brother both live with my mum and my sister and my sisters fella and their two little girls.) He seemed a bit non-plussed so I pointed out that all his uncles, cousins and grandad who all live in Australia now would give him money. They had given him about 150 quid last year so I see no reason why he would not get a similar figure again this year. “Oh good” he replied cos I need to buy some of these boxes in World of Tanks!!! Apparently his mates are raving about them. I did not have the heart to tell him that I bought 25 boxes (even tho I ain’t really keen on the whole concept but I am weak so….) and dropped the Defender at box 5 and then the IS-3A on box 9…. I know right…. he he he. I am still so chuffed about it I smile whenever I think of it and as a heavy gambler on horses for 35 years it is no different to the feeling I get when my horse wins the grand National so believe me it is morally gambling even if the legal position says otherwise. They are exploiting a loophole. I know my son if he drops a Tier VIII premium he will be desperate to feel that buzz again and devastated when he buys another lot and does not get it……. Its wrong, no matter how lucky I was it is just plain wrong. (25 boxes, 15,800 Gold, 1,100,000 Creds, 9 days of Premium,, IS-3A, Defender, Kv220/2 (is it?) which is the only other one in the list I did not have. I got 4 Garage slots so hat would be four of the lesser premiums for which I got Gold and finally I got the skin for the IS-7 which I do not have but will grind now as it looks amazing. I also went straight to Festive Level Ten for which I got a load of great prizes and also I immediately got last years New Year camo as I missed it last year by being 1 Tier V decoration short. In the case of Holiday OPs the boxes do mean significant bonuses for the next month as well, I am already on 25% odd for all of them. I have to admit both this year and last these boxes have been very kind to me but I also know people that lucked out for instance one guy buying 25 boxes of each collection last year and never got a single Tier VIII Premium.

  24. uh you sir are an example of how ******ed and low IQ playerbase of this game is
    we are talking about how broken the is3a is and the only way WG allow you to own this piece of monster is through gambling and you suggest other if they don’t want to gamble for it then go to the web shop? What the F?
    and if you think the is3a “Suck” (In your mind of course) then you probably are the kind of 45% winrate with 200 WN8 cause this thing is broken to ***. Just simply imagine this thing against a normal IS3, what can the normal is3 do? this monster can easily kill the normal one even before it can load the second shell and that is simply BROKEN
    i hope if you see this reply i highly suggest you have a IQ test asap and probably never ever try to lick WG boot ever again

  25. I got sucked in last year trying to get the Type 59 which I did, but only after I had purchased a 25 pack and then a 75 pack. Initially I was happy that I had got the elusive Chinese Medium, but has the days and weeks went on I thought about it and was disappointed with myself for getting sucked in. I am an adult male and should be able to control emotions and my finances…..I can only imagine how many under 18 year old are doing with their cash…. A good stand taken by you sir. I did however watch QB unbox his 200 and his response I thought to the whole gambling was quite strong………

  26. It’s discounted gold with a chance to win more, I don’t understand the issue here? I guess it’s because some people have money and some don’t and we don’t like that fact? Or we don’t like the fact that a game needs money to develop and grow? I don’t mind paying money I guess so you guys can play for free…your welcome.

    As for the 3A, it has a high skill cap 100%. Good players will excel at it and it will punish bad players. I’m interested to see how say 1200 – 1500 wn8 players do in the tank though. I bet over 100 games they’ll be at the same win rate etc. as other tier 8 heavies they have.

    I haven’t seen any post about the changes in 2019 coming….outlining almost everything that people want we just continue to see negative feedback from CC’s. I understand. like news cycles, you get more clicks for destroying something.

    Listen, I know the game has some issues but I guess I’m tired of seeing complaining over and over again about this or that. They put out the most profitable modes for credits, experience, gold and people still complain. Uninstalling over a tank that is strong for 8’s…but do to MM see’s a lot of 10’s and will get wiped…is a stand? We’re not all sheep, we can judge by our own eyes what is happening.

    I did enjoy Claus’s video about the state of the game….it is being monetized and the 8’s are better now but I still dispute pay to win. The great T8’s is because we wanted better tanks…we weren’t buying the other ones so the players who voted with their wallet got what they wanted.

  27. well…
    My friends and me bought 25, 25 and 75 boxes…
    Not one tier VIII tank in 125 boxes
    Not even an E-25
    Only skins and tier V’s

  28. I needed gold, did some quick calculations and found out it was just as cheap to get it through some boxes. Got what I needed and more. Also got the “OP” French arty, played it 3-4 times, found it difficult. Put it back in garage. Went back to playing my Type 61 and having fun. Day ended.

  29. It’s hard to write anything as I’m constantly pressing F to pay respect for such attitude to those boxes and refusal of free 100k gold, 3months of premium, few premium tanks and few milion credits.
    The biggest joke are CC like QB, who first made video of how boxes are bad, and toxic to game, how players shhould avoid buying them to get tanks, etc; and then he made opening video of 200 boxes from WG just to create hype around boxes and encourage other players (especially younger) to buy them.
    Let’s be honest, if you see someone opening “few” boxes and getting such awesome prizes from them, you are going to spend few bucks and get that luck too. That’s how almost every TV add works. Main purpose is to create “need” for product, so you spend money and don’t think too much about it. Reflection comes later, when you end up with crap and no money.

  30. I bought a lot of loot boxes this year – not because there was something in the boxes that I wanted (already had most of the premium tanks – and yes, I got the ones I did not have early on) but because there is no better way to acquire gold. Period. If you have the premium tanks then you get gold – lots of it. If you don’t have the tanks then you have a reasonable chance of getting them and still getting gold. $100 US will usually buy 25k gold. $100 gets 75 boxes. Most of those I have spoken to, and also from those who published videos, it seems that the average gold from 75 boxes is around 60k. That is about 2.5x what you would usually get. Then NA offers a 40:1 free XP for gold conversion. How much free XP did players convert? I know of many who were feverishly grinding XP to convert it.

    I think if there is a problem it is the entire economy of World of Tanks right now, not just loot boxes. The same applies to premium ammo. Premium ammo is not the problem, lack of weak spots on certain tanks is. To negate this you need to fire premium ammo. So players fire premium ammo but complain when it is fired at them. Soon we will have a game where playing it is about as exciting as playing in the Pz II J: can’t be penned but can’t pen either. I am really looking forward to this. Not.

    If players are going to complain about Loot boxes, etc then complain about the economics of the game as a whole – because that is where the real problem is.

  31. I agreed,,,too,,,,with many talented human resources inside WG yet they lack of creative idea,,,!!!

  32. Long reload? 11s is a long reload? Yeah its slow, but you think a tank should be balanced on poor MM? lol

  33. I bought 25 boxes last year and realized that the amount of gold and credits they provided was around 1.5 times the cost of crates.

    this year i have bought 25 crates and, due to owning the Turan and M4 Improved, i have made 2.5 times the cost of the crates. I would like to try the IS-3a and see what the hubbub is about but the gold, credits, ornaments and premium time makes this a no brainer for me.

    BUT!!!!! If you are gambling solely to pick up a specific vehicle you are WASTING YOUR MONEY!!!!

    Do Not Gamble.

  34. Sorry boys.
    I am a capitalist. I support capitalism.
    The IS3A was sold for 3 years previously. A lot of people bought it, and I do not recall any gripes by any CC’s about WG selling an absolute abomination of a T8 prem for 40 Euro.
    So, they decide to buff it. Could they have gone 2 rounds instead of 3? I think that would have been more appropriate. But they chose not to.
    Cest la vie.

    Regarding the loot boxes. Regardless of what T8 prems are sold, any half wit could deduce that it is great value.
    I bought 150 boxes. I obtained a **** ton of gold, 60+ days premium account, a defender to go with my 252U, I had rebought the is3a with silver since I sold it ages ago since it sucked, so I got gold for it, plus the skins, plus 15 mil silver, plus the santa commander, plus the 4 female crew, plus 2 camo’s unlocked with enough shards to get the 4 camo’s from last year and 75% of the remaining 2 camo’s of this year.
    I now don’t have to spend a red cent on the game for the next year. Granted, I spent 200 Euro now, but all in 1 time, and I will probably still have gold next year when the loot boxes become available again.

    The way I see it, those who complain are probably broke *** bitches that are jealous that they cannot afford to buy more then 10 boxes.

  35. This is an unnecessarily toxic comment.

    Hark does not deserve this type of comment after the work he puts in and we do not need to read this non-sense.

  36. They would counter by saying that you are receiving goods valued at more than the cost of the crates and is therefore, not gambling.

    But it really is gambling if you are after one specific toy.

  37. Guess what – i d love to buy some boxes to remain on equal foot with all you guys but as i happen to live in Belgium i am not allowed. How am i gonna voor with all the gold spamming that Will happen after this event?

  38. The French CC ZeFeKa (streamer and super unicum who never uses “special ammo” and premium consumables) didn’t accept the 200 boxes neither. For the same reasons as you mentioned.
    You have my respect.

  39. QB was criticizing the gambling thing in the his entire video and showed the chance to get each prem tank (like 0-3%), and how much gold/prem days per box.
    And he will donate the full price of these 200 boxes to charity.
    That’s what I respect.
    If you didn’t bother to watch the 1 minute of his video, just stop bull****ting

  40. Is3 a broken? Maybe… how many situations where you play Normal is3 as brawler and will aford to stay after shooting and risk getting hit by enemy team? One vs one sure OP, but in team play in heavy tank areas you will be prioritised and if you want to empty your clip it will be your only one, make sure tou hit. Also with reverse reloader you have less tine playing with full clip, isn’t it? especially if you don’t have time to unload

  41. I agreed also crates make it like gambling on games. When many cc on youtube channels open 200 FREE box i start thinking.. nah WG.. why u do like this. I feel u same way bro harkonen. I also feels like this another factors for me to quit this game after almost 7 years of service… so dissapointed with WG.

  42. Aside from the gambling side of the Large Boxes, WG haa increased the number of Level 5 ornaments required to complete collections for the camp. So even if are only looking to get Christmas camos from the event you are going to have to open your wallet

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