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DezGamez: New Random Battle 30vs30 & New Maps

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Hello everyone,

DezGamez just released a video of the new Random Battle mode, currently being tested on Sandbox. I already got a few pictures of the maps, but I wasn’t able to publish them yet.

I need to further test this new bigger maps with 30vs30 players, but my first impression was: I don’t like it… To many players for me. But as I said, I need to play more and learn the maps so I can have a solid opinion about it. For now, enjoy DezGamez video and his opinion on this matter.

15,466 thoughts on “DezGamez: New Random Battle 30vs30 & New Maps

  1. Personally I am loving testing these new modes. Maybe its cause standard battle has been around forever and lack of maps always feels like you are doing the same thing. To me the amount of players feels perfect and the game play is right up my alley as it feels slightly more thoughtful than what we currently have.

  2. Like most online games, bigger battles sounds like a great idea but getting shot from three sides at once because you were the first to push quickly gets boring.

    On Sandbox nobody cares that they die early, if it makes it to EU live server expect nobody to dare move further than the nearest hard cover apart from the usual suicide scout.

  3. That’s what I felt, first mistake is fatal! I just got the turret of Leo1 out to try to a single shot, in 3 seconds got from full HP to less than 100… A single mistake proved to be almost fatal because the enemy team was just sitting and waiting…

  4. if they find a way to balance the economy it will be great this mode. Actually I liked it more than the previous huge and time costing mode. Between the 2 modes I preferred the Valley, rather than the Canyon. Canyon seems more vertical, but in the execution the Valley is way more vertical with all the ridges and gives more opportunities to push or cover. Canyon is too flat..

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