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World of Tanks – Update 9.16- 112 Armour Changes

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Hello everyone,

TheMostComfortableTanker made a big post about armour changes in 9.16, despite not playing the game any more, but I haven’t got the time at the moment to post everything. Several tanks got an armour buff/nerf with the new HD models. These are the armour changes, mostly a buff, to the Chinese Tier VIII Premium Heavy Tank 112.



  • 130mm covers less of turret side (-30mm)
  • Side hull slope to hull floor is 49° (-6°)
  • Armour behind mantlet is 240mm (+90mm)
  • Flat parts are turret front are thicker (+60mm, +35mm)
  • Mantlet is 250mm (+10mm)
  • Flat bits above and below mantlet removed
  • Turret roof is 55mm (+30mm)
  • Upper section of turret rear is 100mm (+40mm)
  • LFP is 140mm (+60mm)
  • Upper hull side is 120mm (+40mm)
  • Hull side behind spaced armor and tracks is 100mm (+20mm)
  • Shape of hull behind spaced side armor matches 113 (Not IS-3 BS)
  • Front hull shoulder behind spaced armor is 230mm
  • Side hull slope to hull floor is 60mm (+10mm)
  • Cupola slope increased by 5°-10°
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