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A Small Update from Harkonnen

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We can all say that 2020 has been a weird year, and for me even more. First I would like to address the lack of updates here and on the blog, but unfortunately, I was going through a quite dark stage in my life in late 2019 that got dragged up into 2020 for a while.

A lot of things were happening in my personal life and with work, and not wanting to drag things up, I wasn’t coping with everything and just dropped a lot of “hobbies” I had, as I couldn’t handle them at all. The mind is a strange thing and it takes us into strange places in life.

When the pandemic came, one would guess that things would get worse, but fortunately for me, they didn’t. The time at home with my daughters allowed me to heal my wounds and prepare my mind for something new. I have passed the last months improving myself in things that mattered to me, the first one being a father. Staying at home, closed from the “outside world”, spending quality time with my daughters made me realise I was spending my energies and time on things that weren’t what mattered. I was constantly stressed before this all started, but now, I’m at peace with myself and my life.

Saying this, I now fell prepared to “reboot” my hobby called The Daily Bounce. This means that you will start getting daily updates in World of Tanks, but also new games and other gaming news. I have prepared a few new things that will be coming out in the next few months, that hopefully will transform and move the blog into something even better.

I don’t want to bore you with details of what happened, etc, but I thought as you are a loyal reader and follower, I owned you all an explanation.

Keep your eyes tunned for updates soon™.

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  1. ” I now fell prepared to “reboot” my hobbit ” You monster! Glad things are getting better.

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