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MicroProse Announces Two New Distinct First Person Shooters

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MicroProse is back with new titles and this time two new First Person Shooters. MicroProse signed a publishing deal with Drakeling Labs for their titles: Operation Harsh Doorstop and Warfare 1944, two very different upcoming FPS games.

Warfare 1944

Warfare 1944 is a WWII stylized tactical shooter, which we are pleased to announce will launch in Early Access on Steam on the 7th of July. Warfare 1944 has been developed using the OHDCore framework for Unreal Engine 4. In Warfare 1944, you fight on the frontlines of WWII, where you engage in large open environments with a variety of weapons and equipment during the pinnacle of WWII.

Make smart decisions and lead your team to victory. Warfare 1944 focuses on tactical gameplay. Bullets are deadly; one shot can kill. Team communication is essential, and Warfare 1944 features robust proximity voice communication which allows you to communicate with your fellow soldiers alongside you.

Wield a wide variety of weapons and equipment while you attempt to survive the chaos of war. Rally your friends to your team, and fight in massive battles across vast open landscapes. Keep your wits, and defeat your enemies. Warfare is unforgiving.

Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a free community project devoid of micro-transactions, paid downloadable content, or loot box mechanics. Deploy to eastern Afghanistan into a fictionalized conflict between Soviet and NATO forces during the summer of 1991.

Experience large-scale tactical warfare in Operation: Harsh Doorstop. Communicate with your team and emerge victorious in this brutally realistic competitive multiplayer title. Utilise a wide variety of weapons and equipment to achieve dynamically changing objectives.

Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a love letter to the tactical gaming genre, built by a passionate community of developers and gamers alike … with no price tag. Support the Operation: Harsh Doorstop project and help bring tactical gaming to the masses. Operation: Harsh Doorstop has been developed using the OHDCore framework for Unreal Engine 4.