WoTB – Update 3.8

Hy all!

First of, I need to make a small amendment to my last blog. Almost everything still stands from that, but WG did get back on tankfest and has invited a few of us CC’s after all. So there will be some form of representation of Blitz there after all. How much and in what form I don’t know, but I’m grateful for the invite – and even more for what it symbolises. It gives me a glimmer of hope, in any case.

Last blog I already mentioned the upcoming update and what they’re going to do to the equipment we have in Blitz. Now, a few changes have been made to it, but overall, the whole equipment section, and the response of the community to it deserves an entry on its own.

One of the things WG changed “because we listen to you, the players” is the fact that you won’t get the currency you need to equip your tanks (called Spare Parts, SP for the future) just from missions, but that every battle, there’s a 50% chance you’ll get some too. Mind you, the chance is 50% – that does not mean you get SP every other battle, it means that every battle you have 50% chance of getting some, like a coin is flipped after every battle to see if you’ll get some or not.

The other change that they made is that the battles you’ve had will be taken into account too. So, for every battle you’ve played in tier I, you’ll get 28 SP, and for every battle you’ve had in tier X you’ll get 71 SP. All the SP you’ll go into one giant pool of it, and you can use it on whatever tank you want.

The new system will have 19 different kinds of equipment, made available to you in slots of two, where you get to pick one of the two per option. It comes in three levels, and each level has three slots. Now, you’ll notice (I hope) that 19 can’t be divided into two. So why 19? There’s tanks that you can’t equip vents to – such as the tanks with an open turret (think Grille, for instance). Those tanks will have a gun rammer as option. And there’s tanks that can’t have a rammer (such as autoloaders), which will have vents as an option instead. All of that so far, doesn’t sound too bad. Compensation, gettig SP in battles instead of just through missions, but also in missions, and 19 pieces of equipment of which you can have 9 on one tank!

But then you learn about the rest of it… Continue reading


WoTB – Wargaming’s Mission

Hy all!

So, I didn’t end the last blog on a particularly happy note. I generally don’t like blogging about something negative, but that was one of those moments where I felt I had to. I posted it on the Blitz forum as well, and it actually led to a healthy and mature discussion there (which is a rarity). But then we got the new update and things just got worse. And things keep getting worse.

At the moment it feels like every time I’m slowly starting to get over feeling screwed by WG because of something they’ve done, they manage to do something that just makes me feel -more- screwed than before. I feel ripped off, cheated, etc. And I don’t like that. I’m a CC because I contribute to the community and really like doing that, but also because I generally like(d) the product Wargaming had to offer that I’m a contributor for. But at the moment, it’s hard to find the positive side of the game, when every which turn I take, I just end up feeling more frustrated with not so much the game, but definitely the company behind it.

I actually started this blog quite differently. Shortly after the last blog I posted, we got a new grind event in the game. Yay. With the possibility to get two tanks, one tier VII tank and one tier VIII tanks. Yay. Because there’s not enough tier VII and VIII prem tanks in the game yet. You had to get tokens and such for it through missions, which has brought the noobs out en masse, making the game frustrating as a whole. Much yay. The event is called Goose Tales. Imo, Wild Goose Chase would have fit better. Continue reading

WoTBlitz – Wargaming’s Enrichment

Hy all!

Over the last couple of months, things have gotten more and more expensive in the game. I’m not talking about the premium time, the standard bundles or the regular gold bundles. Those are all still the same prices – except for in the UK, that recently saw an increase in prices, but that’s to do with the appstore, not WG. #IblameBrexit

But the new premium tanks we see in the game cost more and more, both in gold and in money. Most recently we got a grind mission where, of course, you could (technically) get two tanks for free. Even if you didn’t miss a single mission reset, that was hard enough for one, let alone both. Both were pretty looking tanks with a fancy dragon painted on them, so, for collectors of must-have’s like myself, a definite must have.

But, if you didn’t do a single mission, the Glacial, a tier 8 heavy tank similar to the is6 with stronger frontal armour and weaker rest-of-the-tank-armour, would cost you around 15k gold, which is twice the price of an is6, and the Blaze, a tier 7 very lightly armoured tank destroyer, would cost you around 13k gold. So a bit way much overpriced.

Aside from that we’ve been getting these absolutely amazing offers in game, like how we can get 6.5 million credits (credits, not gold) for the amazing price of 38 euro. Yes. A thing you can get for free with around 90 battles in the Löwe (for example), you can get for 38 euro. The offer would come up when you’ve grinded enough xp for a tier X, even if you already had enough credits to buy it. Or 200k free xp for 45 euro. Amazing. Of course, the latter is meant for people that have no xp on prem tanks to convert, but still, imo, the price is nuts.

Then there’s the crates. We’ve had a few lottery type events now, where you can buy crates with mission-earned tickets, gold or real money, depending on the event. This doesn’t mean you’ll get something epic. It means you have the chance of possibly getting something epic, or you can get absolutely nothing. Chances don’t increase the more crates you open, the chance of getting something awesome starts anew every time you open a crate, so it’s very easy to not get anything worthwhile.

A clanmate of mine got about every single premium tank in the crates around New Year’s (Type 59, IS3 Defender, T34 Independence, T34-85 Victory, the Schmalturm, and quite a few more), spending no money on it whatsoever, just tickets he earned, whereas I did spend money, and mission-earned tickets, and the only epic thing I got was a Victory. I have those other tanks (and had the Victory as well at that), so I’m not salty about that, but I don’t think it’s in any way fair that it’s so easy to just get absolutely nada from crates. Especially if you think about the kids that just got some money for Christmas, hope they’re lucky to get a high tier premium tank they could never ever afford to get otherwise, and that end up getting just some very useless things. It just feels like another attempt of WG to take my/our money without giving much of anything in return.

But now, WG has thought of another way to make us very poor very quickly. Last update, we got the ability to make our tanks premium. For an x-amount of gold, you can make certain tanks premium for 14 days, or if you really have too much money/gold, you can make them premium forever. Wargaming calls this thing “Vehicle enrichment”.

The 14 days ‘enrichment’ is available for tiers V-X and costs 2,200 gold for tier V, 2,600 for tier VI, 3,000 for tier VII, 3,200 for tier VIII, 3,400 for tier IX and a whole 4k for tier X. Just to compare, you can also convert 4,000 gold to 1,600,000 credits without having to drive a single battle. Considering that most tier X tanks will just lose less money with this ‘enrichment’ rather than earn you loads, converting might just be the better way to go.

Now the other possibility with this “enrichment” is turning a tank into a premium tank – earnings wise at least – forever. This will, of course, cost you more gold, and the tank you enrich can still be nerfed or “rebalanced” in the future because it’s not really a premium tank. For some tanks, I thought that might be interesting – like the E5 or the STB, especially since they’re both very costly to drive since we got the new profitability last year, and they’re both tanks that I enjoy driving loads.

But this feature isn’t available for all tanks, only for specific tanks. And it costs about an arm and a leg, and a kidney to boot. There’s a list in the news of which tank costs what – it differs per tier and per tank – but as an example I’ll name the STA-1 (tier VIII Japanese med) because it has a nice round number. The price to “enrich” this tank forever is 20k gold. That’s the same amount of gold you need in order to buy 2.666667 IS-6 tanks. Buying the gold for in order to do this will cost you 70 euro.

I’m pretty sure all players left and right are swooning with this excellent effort of WG to woe us into loving them even more. Who wouldn’t pay 70 euro to have a normal tank that can still be nerfed earn more credits? Absolute steal, that. Only problem is that the only thing it actually enriches is Wargaming itself.

With premium account you know that any amount of xp and credits you get is “enriched” (I’m so going to use that word a lot with regards to this game now) by factor 1.5. For the STA-1, you’d earn 67% more credits per battle with the enrichment. It differs per tank how much of an increase they actually see. The Chi-Nu for instance only sees 27% more credits, whereas the SU-100M1 gets 90% more credits. So, depending on the tank you ‘enrich’ and if you have premium time too, that would be a pretty credit-penny.

The fact that every tank has its own price to “enrich”, and it’s own “enrichment” percentage, it just doesn’t seem fair to me. Premium time doesn’t cost or earn more or less per tank either. All the same, I don’t think many people with a brain will be using this utterly amazing offer. Me, myself, I’d much rather take a prem-tank of my choice out for a few extra spins to earn the extra credits, rather than spend that much money on a tank that can still be nerfed every which way.

I can fully understand that Wargaming does their best to get us to spend more money on the game – they’re a company after all, profit is what they’re about. But fact is that with making things more and more expensive, all they’re currently doing is making people more and more reluctant to actually spend money on the game, upto the point that it becomes a full out aversion to spending money on the game, or even to the game itself.

People feel cheated, ripped off, etc. And I can fully understand that a whole lot better than Wargaming’s greed. Between the grind missions being all but impossible, the tanks becoming more expensive as they get to the store, and the ridiculous “enrichment”, even I’m getting to the point where I just don’t want to spend any money on the game anymore and I’ve been a VIP member of the Gold Noob Association for well over two years now.

This trend of making things impossible and impossibly expensive started, for me, with the new profitability last year, and it’s still going. And I wonder how long it will take for Wargaming to realise that this is ruining their active community, and is driving people away rather than drawing them back into the game. I’ve seen quite a few people leave the game the last couple of months because of this greedy attitude, and the lack of respect Wargaming seems to have for its players.

Or worse – they could have already fully realised that it’s ruining their active community and decided not to give a * about it, as there will always be the new players and noobs that will still spend money on this game regardless of what the heart of the community thinks and feels.

I don’t want to believe that last bit, but it wouldn’t be the first time that Wargaming can call up numbers that support something that every player that is an actual part of the community and not just the game itself is against. But if these sorts of actions continue and no positive change comes, the future of Blitz the game might not be all too different, but the future of Blitz the community looks very bleak indeed.

WoT Blitz – New Russian Tank IS-2Sh

Hello everyone,

World of Tanks Blitz Developers shared a new upcoming Russian tank coming to the game: IS-2Sh. It’s a variation of the IS-M, a modernisation proposal for the IS-2 tank with rear mounting . No other details were released or revealed.

The only picture I was able to find about this tank was the following one shared on the forum. On the left side the Breakthrough IS-M Tank Destroyer and on the right the Heavy Tank variant.


Now the question remains, are we going to see this vehicle in World of Tanks PC?


R.I.P. Edurace

When I first started becoming active in the community of this game, and ventured onto the (Blitz) forum, Edurace was one of the people that stood out to me. Not only because he posted very often, but more so because he always very much spoke his mind.

It wasn’t until later that I understood he had stomach cancer and was terminal. Though knowing that shouldn’t have changed how I thought of him, it did. It put things into perspective for me, and helped me better understand why he never hesitated to share his thoughts the way he did. If he had an opinion, he shared it. If he wanted to troll, he trolled. If there was a situation of injustice in any way somewhere on the forum, Edurace would dive head-first into it and let himself be heard.

Edurace travelled a lot, enjoying the time he had left the best he could, going places, spending time with his loved ones – and spending time on Blitz. He would share that with us, both the fun he’s had in game, tog-toons included, and outside of it. He would often spam the heck out of us on Discord with pictures. Pictures of his battles, his view wherever he was, his hotel room, his food, his wine, and of his loved ones, though mostly of MissShiv. The pictures, along with the short sentences that would come with them, showed how proud he was of his loved ones, and just how much he loved them.

When he spoke of his disease, he would speak with such wisdom, such strength. And acceptance. He didn’t lie down and wait for it, he choose to do everything he could, to -enjoy- everything he could, while he still accepted what would inevitably come. He handled it all with such grace, it really made me feel in awe of him. And he did his best, for himself and for us, to make things more light-hearted again if the conversation started to become heavy and sad when talking about it. Despite everything, he didn’t dwell on it.

When your life comes to the end, you start to think about it. Why things are like they are. But then it’s wine and trolling in Internet :wink: just to forget everything else

In the conversations he and I had, we could get quite philosophical. He really got me thinking, and it was such a pleasure. The way he spoke betrayed just what an intelligent man he was, and how remarkable he was. But most days, you couldn’t tell he was ill at all. He would just be laughing with us, talking about whatever subject was going on at that time or sharing jokes that showcased his amazing sense of humour.

Over the last couple of months though, he had become more quiet, hadn’t been in the game or in the chats much. Nearing the end of January, it became obvious that there wasn’t much time left. You could see in the way he said things that he was in pain, and had a hard time finding the fun in things. On February 4th, he left his long time home in the game – Clan AFK/IRMA – because he didn’t want to be “a dead body in the clan”. He deleted Discord as well. I don’t know how many messages he must have gotten in game, from AFK/IRMA, the whole Synergy community and beyond that, but it must have been tons. I sent my own share of them.

He got back to me on February 10th, having had surgery the day before. We talked for a bit and he was having a rough time. All I wanted to do was somehow be there and give him a big hug. Reading back that conversation now, trying to sort my thoughts and my words for this blog, there’s still so much I wish I would have said but didn’t think of at the time.

I know MissShiv wasn’t always happy with the amount of time he spend with us and on the game, but I am grateful she shared him with us all the same. He has affected so many of us in such a positive way, left such an impression. The way he looked at life, the way he thought about death, is something I will take with me for the rest of my life, and I hope that whatever comes my way, I’ll be able to handle it with even half the grace he’s shown.

I heard about his passing last night, while I was hosting an event I do monthly. We were on teamspeak with quite a few people, when I got asked by someone if it was true that he had died. It didn’t take long to find out that it was indeed true. I confirmed it, and the room just got quiet. No one spoke. I think none of us knew what to say.

Throughout the evening, the night and today, reactions to the news are becoming visible all over the place. It goes to show what he meant to people, to the community. In Synergy discord, it’s very quiet today. All that’s being posted right now is wine-glass emoticons, our own way of saluting our friend.

He was taken from this life way too young. Knowing how much he’ll already be missed by us, I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to his family. He was truly a remarkable and amazing man.

Actually, the more I enjoy the life every day, the better my analysis. I am starting to think that people just give up when they die.. People that WANT to live, live longer…

And it couldn’t be more true. The doctors had said that he wouldn’t live beyond Christmas 2015. He was with us until February 23rd, 2017, and he will be sorely missed.


WoT Blitz – Update 3.6 – Changes to the Battle Chat


Coordination between allies is extremely important for successful teamwork, which is why World of Tanks Blitz features the battle chat and quick commands menu. Unfortunately, the chat is frequently used inappropriately: damaged allies might disclose your position to the enemy, and the enemy can distract you with taunts or worse. To save you from all this, the following changes will be applied in Update 3.6:

  • The chat between enemy teams will be disabled.
  • Communication with allies will only be available while your vehicle is not destroyed.
  • Platoon chat will remain unchanged: you will be able to send messages to your platoon mate even after your vehicle is destroyed.

The changes will be applied to Random Battles and tournaments. Chat settings will not be changed for training rooms.

We wish you exciting battles and outstanding victories!

WoT Blitz – Autoloaders

Hy all!

For this entry, I’m going to stick with the subject Autoloaders, and because it was requested with my intro, I’m adding in some vids that fit the subject too. Since I last wrote about tanks (outside of this page, on my old blog), we’ve gotten quite a few new ones in the game, both premium and non-premium. And amongst them is a line of autoloaders – the first whole line of them that we’ve gotten in Blitz. Of course, we’ve always had them in the low tiers, and the little pew-pew guns could, for me, be reason not to like the tanks. When I have the option, I very often choose the non-autoloader gun, as I’m just not a fan of autoloaders.

This has mostly to do with the fact that after every shot/burst, you need to aim again, and it makes the chance to miss your target very big, because you’re just hitting the fire button repeatedly to get as much damage as quickly as you can without standing out in the open too long. My accuracy in battles is something I pride myself on, and I hate wasting shots. So, it stands to reason that the pew-pew guns go against my style of tanking. I still drive them, of course, Kenny first and foremost.

For the Non-Blitzers; the Ke-Ni Otsu is a Japanese tier III premium tank. It has a four-shot clip. Doesn’t sound too impressive, does it? But here’s the thing. The Kenny was supposed to have a clip reload of 9 seconds, only because of an error in the programming, it has a 3 second clip reload instead, making the thing completely OP. As soon as this was discovered, Wargaming took the little beast out of the store, but they promised not to nerf Kenny, saying that not enough of them had been sold in the few hours they were available to drastically impact tier III matchmaking. So, when after a night of high tier gaming I want to cool down and end the night on an assured high, I tend to take out the Kenny and go for a few spins.

I have no tank in my garage with as many Raseiniai medals as the Kenny (8 out of the 17), and this certainly never happened in other tanks:

It’s impossible not to love that monster, whose current enemies in the game only exist in the forms of Matilda’s, PZ II J (the Anti-Kenny), and generally Hetzers, Valentine II’s and D.W.2’s aren’t fun to meet either. But the rest stands little chance.

But like I said, at the end of November we also got a line of tanks that completely has autoloaders. Before then, the only high tier autoloader we had had was the IS3-Defender (called IS3-A on PC), and though it was interesting, that’s not really a tank I like. The reload of the clip combined with the reload of the shells is too annoying imo, and though the armour is pretty great, against a good player, or at least a player that knows how to Prammo you, you’ll stand little chance in a one-on-one situation, let alone a Kolobanov situation. So, when the update came and we got the T57-Heavy line, I was very skeptical.

Until I logged into my press account and started driving the thing. I completely adored it. The first game I drove in it, I aced it. Now that’s not that hard considering it was literally only in game for about 4 hours at the time, but I had a pretty decent game that showed me both strengths and weaknesses about the tank, and I aced it with a high caliber medal, despite the many bounces I had, so I was pleased. So, after driving a few more rounds to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and that I really did like the thing, I hopped back onto my own account and free-xp’d the whole line (what else is free xp for, right?). Continue reading