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World of Tanks Blitz: Hafen Details

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A new Valkyria Chronicles tank is coming to World of Tanks Blitz: Hafen. It will be a Premium Tier VII medium tank and it just entered its final Supertest stage.

If you are a fan of Valkyria Chronicles you will know Hafen is a Minute modified by Miles Abegg for Squad E. It is named after the hometown of Squad E’s commander.

Early models of Minute have the main cannon ammunition stored on the left and right sides, which has caused many cases of induced explosions when enemy fire penetrates the armour. As a counter-measure, Hafen has supplementary armour plates welded on the sides.

Hit Points1,100 (HP)
Hull Armour100 / 120 / 75 (mm)
Turret Armour120 / 120 / 75 (mm)
Penetration145 / 195 / 45 (mm)
190 / 160 / 250 (HP)
Reload Time
5.5 (s)
Rate of Fire
10.91 (rpm)
Damage per Minute2,073 (HP/m)
Aim Time1.9 (s)
Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot4.0 (?)
on Turret Traverse0.08 (?)
while Gun Damaged2.0 (?)
Elevation / Depression+12.0 / -7.0 (deg)
Turret Traverse Speed42.0 (deg/s)
Chassis Traverse Speed47.0 (deg/s)
Weight / Load Limit33.90 / 34.00 (t)
Engine Power715 (h.p.)
Specific Power
21.09 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed52 / 20 (km/h)
Terrain Resistance1.0 / 1.2 / 1.55 (m/s2)
View Range260 (m)
Signal Range500 (m)

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Blitz: Hafen Details

  1. Sigh. Apparently Wargaming wants me to stop playing WoT and start playing WoT Blitz. Unfortunately, I’ve sunk too much money into WoT to ever make the switch. Of course, if they brought these tanks to WoT I could be happy, but evidently making me happy would make all the “muh realism” crowd quit the game in disgust.

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t mind. It doesn’t look too exotic to be a dissonance.

    Plus, this one has a front drivewheel that even I might manage to hit! 😀 😀

  3. After playing around 10 games in it and not losing a single one (beginners luck but i did carry 2 of those) , I can safely say this thing is a Ram 2 at tier 7. It has the same game-play style with even more ridiculous stats. 52km top speed? 58 degrees turning? With 100mm sloped frontal armor??? Its insane! You can bomb around the map to flank, or stand and fight on a ridge-line and consistently bounce IS shells. Its the ultimate incarnation of the Sherman. I really need an armor model so i can see exactly what makes them say that it has 120mm side armor though, It does NOT sidescrape.

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