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Armored Warfare – Obsidian lays off some Developers

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Hello everyone,

Looks like Armored Warfare is not doing so well. Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart told Gamasutra, “This week we let some of our developers on Armored Warfare know that they are being laid off early next year. The publisher of Armored Warfare decided to move a portion of the development of the product to their headquarters in Moscow. We remain extremely proud of Armored Warfare and all the work we have and will continue to put into it. None of the other products at Obsidian were affected by this. We wish our people the best, and are working with them to find homes with other developers.”

The cuts, scheduled to take effect early next year, are the result of a decision made by AW publisher to partially move development to the company’s headquarters in Moscow. Obsidian will still be working on the project but in a lesser capacity.

The decision also comes right after Armored Warfare announced they would be removing SPG from the game, as part of the Balance 2.0 Update.

When we look at “Google Trends” for Armored Warfare and compare it with World of Tanks, we can see that over the last 12 months, Armored Warfare never actually kicked off.


I know Google Trends just shows how much people are searching for specific terms, but still is an indicator of how well or bad a game is doing. But at the same time this doesn’t come as a surprise, Armored Warfare promised a lot when it first came out but it didn’t deliver. A lot of the player base was from World of Tanks and when they started to see the slow progress of the game, a lot of them just went back to World of Tanks. Why, would you ask? Familiarity.

The same way Heroes of the Storm was created to compete with League of Legends, they are different games and the first one never actually managed to create a big impact to the second one, players just keep playing League of Legends because they were used to it.

In my personal case was more than that, the biggest reason was the need to grind every line again. World of Tanks was already time consuming and I just couldn’t take the time to do it all over again. Another big reason for me was the big queue times. The player base was decent at the beginning, but then it just got to a point where we would have to wait for ever to play a single game of PVP.

None the less, it’s an interesting project and I can see it going on for a few more years, but I don’t believe it will ever reach half of what World of Tanks is or ever was. What’s your opinion?

15,466 thoughts on “Armored Warfare – Obsidian lays off some Developers

  1. For me it’s the era where the game is playing. I don’t like the “modern” buildings on the maps and I prefer nations than weapon dealers.

    nb: I think the maps could have made a big difference. Imagine a Berlin, Paris or The Kremlin in Moscow maps!!! Better than some Somali maps! Or something like old the Dragon Ridge map of WoT!

  2. Well, I love AW and I’ve always seen it as some kind of sequel or extension to WoT. It’s all about the tanks, I want to drive them all :). WoT just had the advantage of being there first.

    “Armored Warfare promised a lot when it first came out but it didn’t deliver.”

    -That’s just another thing they copied from WG 😀
    But seriously, WG delivers far more disappointments per year and still remains at the top (Havok, Rubikon, Historical Battles, Rampage Mode, MM, Arty-issues, Prammo problem, terrible pricing/bundle deals, clone/repaint premium tanks, slow implementation of useful tools, …) – hell, I really hate seeing a game with such a potential going to waste due to WG’s awful incompetence.

    Both games share one big problem: there is no real endgame content. CW/SH are getting killed by “cartels” of successful clans farming all the CW reward tanks and coordinating their battles and sharing their personnel. GLOPS feels sweet, but does not feel rewarding enough.

    All in all, I hope that both games survive the next few decades and get a chance to improve, and to grow their playerbase. Btw, I feel the same for Warplanes and -ships.:)

  3. PS: I’ve played so many games over the last 27 years. AW and the World-of-trilogy finally felt like a perfect, mature game-ensemble I could settle down with.

  4. Showed this article to some AW noobs who were praising the game to be better than WoT. That ought to shut them up.

  5. WoT is great . never going to leave it, spent thousands on it and spent thousands of hours, would be crazy to leave it to play…errr the same game some where else with a different name on the out side. WoT is without doubt improving the game these days so that is good. I’m glad that AW died cos well, cos their players came back to WoT… Never saw the appeal of starting again on another tank game… To be honest if AW came out before WoT and i started there im sure i also wouldn’t then have wanted to come to WoT, in saying that WoT has WW2 tanks and thats why i started playing it in the first place.

    Next year im sure they’ll fix the big issues with wot.. MM, Arty

  6. First, some of my stats:
    WoT: 17,735 battles on live, ~2500 in CB and OB
    AW: 4671 PvP battles, 2375 PvE battles, 55 GlOps battles

    That said, I much prefer AW to WoT, although WoT did a lot of things right, and I acknowledge the fact that without WoT there probably wouldn’t have been AW.

    AW pros and cons compared to WoT:
    + much more variation in vehicle types
    + more varied gameplay
    + a lot more game mechanics, i.e. ATGMs, APS, ERA, activated skills, etc.
    + bigger maps
    + much faster and more dynamic gameplay
    + cheaper premium vehicles, much less moneygrabs in general
    + progression is generally faster, with less grind
    + you get to keep your vehicles AND have a positive credit balance
    + the graphics are better

    – not as many vehicles and maps
    – developement is quite slow
    – playerbase is too small, leading to long queues on the EU server and EXTREMELY long queues on the NA server
    – the game has higher hardware requirements

    The next patch, 0.19, will introduce Balance 2.0 and this is what will probably determine the future fate of the game. If the patch is a good one, and the game gets more advertisement, then the playerbase should improve and that alone will fix the worst thing about the game.

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