Armored Warfare – Lords of War Coming Soon

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Lords of War is coming soon to EU & NA Servers. It’s a change for you to play with friends and earn some gold and other prizes.


Armored Warfare – Developers Digest – PT.9

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I have to remember to publish more Armored Warfare articles. Not that I play it much, but mainly for you readers see what is going on with Wargaming competition, and for the players out there. In this AW Q&A,  Richard Taylor, Armored Warfare lead developer, answered a number of community questions:

  • The developers are looking into some of the secondary weapons on vehicles to make them usable, after which airborne AI opponents (helicopters) might be introduced eventually (but not soon)
  • It has not yet been decided how and when the Centauro 155 will return, it could be as a Tank Destroyer or as an artillery vehicle
  • There are no current plans to introduce Tiers 11 and 12
  • The Lords of War feature has been delayed somewhat as more tests need to be run, but it should be coming in the near future
  • There will be some general mobility changes as part of a large vehicle rebalance, but this will not appear in Update 0.17
  • MBT hull traverse and gun handling is likely to be slightly reduced in the future. Current MBT gun handling is in some cases too high due to buff stacking, which will be addressed

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Armored Warfare – Update 0.16

Update 0.16, the first of the series (0.16, 0.17 and 0.18 that will bring major changes to game mechanics and vehicle rebalances.), contains a number of changes and fixes often requested by the community. These changes a necessary foundation for vehicle balancing that cannot be implemented without them. While this update does contain some changes to in-game vehicles, the majority of the balancing will be implemented later on.

Update 0.16’s Main Features include:

  • Gameplay Improvements based on Community Feedback
  • New High-Tier Vehicles
  • A Loot System
  • Updated Sound Effects
  • Three New PvE Missions
  • A new Commendation System

Read the full patch notes here.


Driving Tanks at Juniper Leisure

JuniperLeisure0002 – Juniper Leisure, The Tank Driving Company

It’s 6:00 AM and I have just turned off my alarm. After getting ready, I got a 135 Km drive ahead of me, about 83 miles, that is going to take me one hour and half to get there. But it’s all worth the trouble, aside I don’t mind driving, I actually love it.

The Juniper Leisure does lack the military look. A small base, that offers you coffee, tea, biscuits and cake and if you are really hungry a big range of bacon, eggs and sausages rolls. After making my registration, I helped myself with some coffee and food and we were all split into groups, Blue, Red, White and Pink. Me and my colleague Steven got on the Red group and then we were all called to be briefed on Health and Safety. Takes about 15 minutes, where the very nice and funny Nigel, gives us all the instructions so we can safely enjoy our day.

For those who never heard of Juniper Leisure, its a tank company that allows you to drive a few tracked vehicles and a main battle tank, or if you go as a spectator you can ride on them while other people drive. The vehicles you can drive are:

  • Chieftain Mk X Main Battle Tank
  • FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • FV433 Abbot Self-Propelled Gun
  • FV4333 Alvis Stormer HVM

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Armored Warfare Developers Q&A #18


Hey guys,

The latest Armored Warfare Developers Q&A is now available. Hope you guys enjoy, let me know if you would like me to keep them coming as soon as they are out.

Source: Oficial Armored Warfare

Q: Any plans to improve older PvE missions?
A: Yes. We will for example be revamping several older missions such as Snakebite and Harbinger to cover more area.

Q: Do you plan to introduce the World War map for Battalions?
A: We recently released information on our new Lords of War PvP mode, which will provide a competitive platform for organized Battalion PvP content as a form of PvP “endgame”. You can read more about the new mode in the official LoW developer diary. We do have plans for a future World Map style Battalion competition as well.

Q: Could you share any progress on PvE Insane?
A: At this moment this difficulty is on hold pending the introduction of other more involved PvE related gameplay elements. We do want to provide hardcore PvE players a greater PvE challenge, but the way in which PvE difficulty is increased by PvE Extreme on the Public Test Server is ultimately not the direction we want to take to make the mode more challenging.

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Armored Warfare – Freedom Fight

Armored Warfare just launched an event called Freedom Fight in celebration of the historical milestones of the United States War of Independence and the French Revolution.


From the 4th of July to the 23rd, players will have the opportunity to win exclusive vehicles as well as boosts and special decals. The event will split into two rounds:

  • Round 1: U.S. Independence Day – 4th of July to 13th
  • Round 2: Bastille Day – 14th of July to 23rd

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Armored Warfare Devstream – EP5

The Obsidian Team will be hosting their fifth on-site Armored Warfare Stream from their offices, next Wdenesday, July 6th at 3:00pm PDT or midnight CEST on their Offical Armored Warfare Twitch Channel.


There will be a special Q&A session with Richard Taylor, Project Director of Armored Warfare, during which he wil unvil some plans for Armored Warfare future.

Topics will include:

  • Update 0.16 issue corrections
  • Main Battle Tank frontal armour corrections
  • Future of balance and the issue of power creep
  • PVE artificial intelligence and its improvements
  • New upcoming maps.

Also they will be giving away some prizes, the lucky winners will be able to get their hands on the following:

  • 1x EVGA GTX 980 SC 4GB graphics card
  • 3x ROCCAT Suora keyboard
  • 3x ROCCAT Renga headphones
  • 10x XM1 FSED Premium MBT

If you are a fan of Amored Warfare, don’t miss it so you can be up to date and also the opportunity on getting some prizes.