Top of the Tree – Bat.-Châtillon 25 t – EU Server


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I’ve published this three weeks ago, but just a refresh to everyone on EU Server: Top of the Tree for November is the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t.

Meanwhile Wargaming has published:

Important: November Top of the Tree is the final one in 2016! Afterwards, the event will go on a break for two months, making its come back in February 2017. But fear not, the end of the year will be pretty packed with discounts and bonuses, so you will not be missing out on anything!

Meanwhile, why not join the forums and let us know what you want 2017 edition of Top of the Tree to look like? We are waiting for your suggestions, ideas and questions!

Also seems that Wargaming forgot to update their Wiki… And that the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP is very different from the one in-game…

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World of Warships – Some Information from Russian Server #3

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Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing some information from the Russian Server.

Source: Official World of Warships EU Forum

Developer JamesWhite mentioned on an older stream from 10th October the following:

  • There are plans to sell signals for doubloons in the client.
  • In the future, there will be an assault game mode in coop.
  • Plans for 3 or 4 (including the Belfast) Premiums this year, 1 or 2 at a minimum if the others are delayed in testing.
  • Wargaming is working on German Destroyers.
  • Everyone who finished grinding all Japanese ships will receive the Mikasa as a New Year’s gift. – This is confirmed, but might be RU only.

World of Tanks – T26E5 Patriot Added to Game Files

Hello Everyone,

Seems that the final HD Version of the T26E5 Patriot has been added to the game. Will all servers get it, or just the NA? No confirmation on this, but in my opinion… We could just have the normal version. This skin, I understand it might be cool for the NA Server, is a bit over the top for me…

Source: WOT Express VK

World of Warships – Clans Beta Test – Asia Server


Hello everyone,

Quick update so readers from Asia region don’t miss this out, Wargaming is currently testing Clans on the Asia Server. If you would like to participate, you have to register on the official forum post. Here’s more details:

Submissions closed: end of Sunday, OCT 30

Pre-registration rules:

  • Clans with at least 10 active members will keep it after the functionality is open to the public. All other clans will be wiped.
    • active members are defined as players with at least 30 battles played in the testing period and who are not twink/bot accounts
    • whether active clans will be wiped and recreated or not wiped at all will be defined later, based on technical needs
  • Only 1 clan per user. Max. 30 members per clan.
  • Pre-registration is free. However, clan creation will be a premium feature once it is released to the public
  • Names in accordance with the game rules
  • Feedback will be collected from commanders at a later date

World of Warships – Sub_Octavian Reddit Q&A – 28/10/2016

Hello everyone,

Latest Q&A by Sub_Octavian on Reddit. If if you want to make a question, just visit the Reddit topic. Enjoy.


Thanks for doing your usual Q&A. Question for you:

Q: HE was removed from RN CLs because apparently devs and feedback was they didn’t like invisible flamethrowers. Historically RN CLs carried both HE and CPBC. If fire was the issue, then why wasn’t HE implemented with a 0% fire chance or even 1-2% fire chance. This could have still made them viable against angled targets which make the “special” AP useless but still make the AP much better to use when the enemy ship moved back into a suitable angle. At this time a RN cruiser has no means to force a ship to turn broadside and thus the gimmick of the special AP is rendered pretty useless. Torpedoes on RN CL are neither long enough range or viable due to the fact getting to a suitable range for them to be effective is basically sucide. Is this going to be addressed, as if the enemy has more BBs left over mid to late game and your team has less BBs but more RN CLs its effectively a auto win for the enemy team since the enemy BBs can just angle and delete the RN CLs one after another. I and others are not asking for RN cruisers to be overpowered, just viable, which means conforming to the current meta and actually having HE on a cruiser, even if its a 0% chance to set a fire HE round put on RN CLs.

A: Hello. You are welcome!

With RN CLs we would like to introduce gameplay different from other CLs. No line could be released without later adjustments, but for now, we consider the new ships viable. They don’t need fully broadside target; if main armor penetration is not possible, they can deal decent damage to superstructure. We also don’t think their torpedoes are obsolete. On the contrary, it is safe to say they have important place in RN CLs offensive capabilities. According to last week stats, RN CL deal significantly more torpedo damage than other cruisers with torpedoes, while having one of the best average total damage stats.

They also have good maneuvrability and, of course, smoke screen – fighting BB solo is not a good idea, but they can evade it. So, answering your suggestion – no, we are not going to make global changes to these ships right now, and not going to add HE shells for them. We will monitor their performance carefully, especially when the audience is stable (right now, low tiers are overpopulated, and high level British cruisers are mostly hardcore players or free xp users). If there are problems with these ships, we will solve them.


Q: Why have you made the first line of one of the most important, effective and anticipated navies in the world into a gimmicky, ineffective and difficult to play group of vessels, with the lower tier (2-6) ships especially being downright awful, and completely outclassed by same or even lower tier ships of other nations? Do you plan to do anything to correct this?

Furthermore, how can you justify making a premium ship, Belfast, clearly so much superior to her tech tree counterparts? Finally, why do the Russian cruiser guns of the same 152mm calibre so vastly outperform those you have given the British, especially in terms of shell travel time? (not even to mention the fire chance they can use). Thank you.

A: They may be difficult to play, but with all respect to your game experience, I cannot agree with “ineffective” or “awful”. For now they look quite good. Probably RN battleships would make more easy-to-play line, but we wanted to refresh cruiser class and at the same time, cruisers are less expensive in terms of production (I mean both development and IRL reference available) – we would not be able to introduce RN BBs that soon, for example. However, other RN lines are being developed gradually, so they are coming, too.

As I said above, we’re planning to do exactly what we do with other lines – to monitor their performance closely and tweak the ships that turn out to be too weak (or nerf the ships that turn out to be OP). Right now, there is no such indication.

Belfast has no torpedoes and no heal. But she has HE shells. Thus, she offers more habitual cruiser experience, which is not bad.

In terms of shell travel time Russian cruiser guns preformed better IRL, according to our sources. If that would have negative effect on game balance, we would give up historical accuracy (gameplay is more important, for sure). But this is not the case.

You are welcome, and I really hope you will have positive experience with the line when you get accustomed to it. Cheers! Continue reading

World of Tanks – Win a VK 45.03 – Sir Havoc Stream


Hello everyone,

If you want a chance to get a VK 45.03, then don’t miss the Sir Havoc Giveaway Stream that is LIVE right now! Come around, seat back and relax, follow the channel and see if you are the lucky one getting a Tier VII German Premium Heavy Tank VK 45.03.


Giveaway has ended. Good luck next time and thank you everyone that watched Sir Havoc Stream.