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World of Tanks Survey: Maps, do you like them?

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World of Tanks maps always has been a topic of debate, a hot topic as a love/hate relationship, but we have to admit that World of Tanks is one of the games with the biggest map pools out there.

Now you have an opportunity to say something about them, Private_Public also know as TollhouseFrank on Reddit, has put together a survey to collect data and feed it back to Wargaming directly. The objective of the survey is:

  1. To get a feel for how the World of Tanks Community views/rates the current maps in the game.

  2. To get your opinions to present to the WG NA offices so that they can pass them on to the appropriate people who look for feedback like this.

  3. Personal curiosity for Private_Public.

  4. A way for the Community to point to some hard evidence when arguments come up about the ‘best’ or ‘worst’ maps in the game, so they have something to back up their P.O.V. other than talking louder.

The survey is now open to anyone from any region to participate and it will be open until January 22, 2019. Plenty of time for you to participate and take your time giving your opinion and constructive feedback.

Don’t forget to read more about it on Reddit, and if you wish to participate just click the button below.

Click here for survey

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Survey: Maps, do you like them?

  1. Thanks for posting this!

    For those that want to know more, I – Private_Public – am the Community Coordinator for the Reddit NA World of Tanks Community. It is a purely volunteer position, and I have no employment/affiliation with WG other than I love playing the game, and am doing my best to revitalize the Community and build 2-way communication between the players and WG (at least for the NA Community).

    I’ve been helping give the NA offices direct feedback for many months now, and have helped the NA offices reach out to our Community and re-open communication that was shall we say, a bit… on the lacking side… before. While I have 0 direct access to the Devs and never will have direct access, I am able to gather feedback and present it to the NA offices in a manner that they can sort it, and present it directly to the appropriate people in Minsk when it comes to their periodic reports on player feedback.

    So, that is the hope for now. That with feedback from you all – whatever server you may be on – that we can help the Devs get a better understanding of how the players actually view the maps, be it positive or negative feedback. With that feedback, they can hopefully make decisions better aimed at making the maps more fun for the Community to play on, instead of feeling dread when we see certain maps pop up on the loading screen.

  2. Current WoT map pool is actually pretty impressive, with the exception of Empire’s Border and Minsk, which are both crap imo. I’m not a fan of new versions of Highway and Fisherman’s Bay, but those are still okay…ish.

  3. Entire map pool is garbage. And will remain garbage until WG starts to rework the game from the broken basics.

    Almost every single map is a 3 lane corridor campfest with heavies on either side spamming gold at each other.

    The rest of the tank cl***es for the most part are comparatively worthless. Lights and soft camo based td suffer especially.

  4. Prokhorovka – without scouts you got no chance to advance.
    You camp it out. Who ever moves first, dies… and if there is no cap in the middle, its simply a bad joke.

    I admit, the latest “””rework”” made it slightly better, but not much.
    You still cant drive 1+2 line and if your only scout dies and they got one… the site is lost.

    The middle gets shot from 2 sides and the hill is way to open to give advantage.

    Long story short:

    This map does NOT require skill! It’s not like i can flank… sidescrape… use the terrain (it’s mostly flat!!) … and if you got no gun depression its even worse.

    Is it fun to be shot by 5 invisible tanks, just because they got a (competent) scout and you not?

    It has to be removed and reworked. And i dont mean “shovel bushes around” … i mean: ****ing fence the hill up like Himmelsdorf. Put 2-3 ditches you can crawl trough in the middle (like the right 9 0 line of … lakeville? idk)…
    and the LEFT… the bushes need tiny rocks here and there for scouts to ‘brawl around’ …

    JUST SOMETHING… ANYTHING… other then this F PIECE OF S MAP… based on “you TRIED to play aggressive = you have to die!”

    Literally sit pissing wins the match <.< i wish i was joking.

  5. Unsure if telling your honest opinion, or being sarcastic. However, Prok is currently the highest rated overall map out of all of the maps in the game, at least based on 1 day (out of 2 weeks) of data gathering.

  6. If no arty prokorovka is my favourite too, if im not in a heavy tank than even with arty I like it

  7. i agree… mostly.

    but there are some points that i don’t: the map requires skills because yes, the tanking the offensive – albait very difficult – wins (at least east flank) once main scouts are killed. at the start it takes skill to make the live of the enemy scouts as hard as possible without risking too much – i.e. using ones camo or armor to keep them spotted without taking damage. then it takes a lot of mini map study to figure out east flank enemy composition, numbers and positioning and calculating you own teams fire support: then one can plot a path where one isn’t spotted too soon but at least spots any enemy shooting allowing your teammates to swiftly kill them. risky (low survival rate) but effective (win rate) with tons of spotting but little actual damage.

    and if you know you don’t have advantage on the east flank its about effectively spotting any enemy advance in such a way that allies aren’t spotted when they shoot (again giving little opportunities to shoot oneself).

    does not work well for big unarmored heavies (french). they should to play like TDs but sadly in many games it means no one will do effective spotting. that’s why i’d risk it anyway even as bottom tier. and if i die quickly i will be released from having to waste my time camping.

  8. 3 lane corridors arent the problem.
    The problem is “how difficult is to p*** from one corridor to another” and “how difficult its to change positions and flank”.

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