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Supertest: TS-5 American Tank Destroyer

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World of Tanks players have been asking for a decent Premium American tank destroyer for years, today we get closer to get one. A brand new Premium Tier VIII American tank destroyer enters Supertest today and it features something we all know: armour!


Introducing the TS-5, a US tank destroyer project that never made it out of the paper. Featuring an amazing frontal armour of 260mm, this beast will be a faster T28 but Premium.

Fast firing 120 mm gun with a base damage per minute of over 2,800 and 400 alpha, it will hit fast and it will hit hard. Penetration will be more standard for a Tier VIII tank destroyer and its mobility isn’t great, but what can we expect with all that armour.


The precision and speed of the shells do limit the effectiveness of the TS-5 over long distances, after all, this is a hard-shelled tank destroyer. It can also help bring out those “holed-up” enemies from their safe positions. Moreover, it can shake off shells from higher tiered opponents when played effectively, especially if you can hide the lower frontal plate, which is its biggest weak spot.


Last but not least, TS-5 will have a four-man crew: Commander, Driver, Loader, Gunner, the same as a T28. In summary, the TS-5 is a hard-shelled, but a slightly sluggish armoured vehicle with a quick-firing, hard-hitting armament perfect for brawling up close. So what do you think? Something we needed a long time ago or something we don’t really need in the game? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: TS-5 American Tank Destroyer

  1. Honestly? The last thing WoT needs is more overruffed amour in the lower tiers if it doesn’t have viable weak spots for same tier STANDARD ammo.

  2. Hard hitting gun that can’t hit a barn at distance with 0.44 accuracy. Sounds like they want to apply the 268v4 concept on a US TD, but then the thing is too slow for that. Armor might be even better than on the T28 as it seems heavily sloped, but overall doesn’t look like a tank I’d want to buy.

  3. Cobra, just chill, as long as we didn’t see the damage model its hard to say if it has viable armor or not.

  4. Wow. .44 accuracy with just 5 degrees of gun depression? And this is an AMERICAN tank?

    Slow, sluggish, can’t hit for ****, and can’t work ridgelines. Buff the tank or don’t bother putting it in the game.

  5. The last thing we need added to World of Tanks is more pay to win tanks

  6. aha…so just a ….better T28??
    cant say anything untill ARMOR PROFILE is on but…i really think and im afraid thats just a …flat better T28…AGAIN !

    if this have PROPER WEAKPOINTS then wellcome ! If not..just FCK WG and P2W!


  8. Perfect timing. I have a crew grinding that path right now. Loving the scorpion, but it would be nice to have a premium with skill requirements that match T28 and up.

  9. I cannot think of a single good reason why I should buy this tank. Good thing, too, because I have sworn not to pay any more money until matchmaking and the overall game balancing have received significant improvements.

  10. I hope as a community we can get some changes made. This thing looks like it could have potential. If it had a super weak hatch and .38 dispersion more in line with the t28 it would be better. Force it in a second front position where it can deal damage and force people to miss the weak point on top. It wouldnt be impossible for tier 6 to kill and tier 10 gunna go through always so. Also I agree with bumping the crew up to 5.

  11. 2800 dpm, 400 alpha 248mm standard pen and 1.8 second reload yet people are saying it needs a buff? This thing will be insanely overpowered if released as is.

  12. Compared to the T28:
    Pen and alpha are identical, the DPM differs only by ~70 and accuracy is considerably worse.

    I haven’t heard anyone call the T28 OP. Calling the TS-5 “insanely overpowered” based only on those stats goes a bit far.

    But hey this is the first supertest iteration. The devs will (hopefully) make this TD usefull yet not too strong.

  13. Hell yer, tier 8 prem to train my T95 crew in finally!

    Defs feel WG are trying to get it into brawling range with that god awful 0.44 accuracy, but the rest of the gun stats look good. Hard to tell without seeing the armour model but lower plate doesn’t look as angled as the T28 so it’ll probably be 210mm (give or take). Cupola will probably be the same thickness and roof will no doubt be overmatchable

  14. Not to mention it has a m***ive lower plate which will no doubt be a weakspot. Cupola has always been a weakspot and there’s a lot more roof/forehead to shoot/overmatch compared to T28.

  15. Yup, I will buy it!

    Gimme one right now I love the turret less TD’s. Slow and ungainly but I will shut down an entire street in a city map driving this beast.

    Shud up an take me money!

  16. I absolutely love the idea of another MURICAN’ TD! I have 6,727 gold and I might buy it.

  17. there is video on reddit from some rasha supertester. Frontal armour is better than on T28 including lower plate and cupol

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