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Trading Caravan: List of Vehicles Available in Deals

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The Trading Caravan just started rolling down all the servers and we got a list of vehicles that been showing up to players in all regions! There are confirmed reports of a deal for 1 Credit: ASTRON Rex! The deal is also extremely limited in numbers, so might expire very quickly!

The following list will be kept up-to-date with what we find and get sent to us, so keep an eye out for any updates! I will add Styles and other deals that come out too as I get the information.

Vehicles for Credits and Rentals

 T-34-3 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 M 41 90 GF 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 Strv 81 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 T-103 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 Senlac 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 Bourrasque 2,000,000 Credits Rental
 Progetto 46 2,000,000 Credits Rental
 TOG II 3,500,000 Credits
 Cromwell B 5,000,000 Credits
 IS-2 5,000,000 Credits
 ISU-122S 5,000,000 Credits
 Rudy Pl 5,500,000 Credits
 VK 168.01 P 7,500,000 Credits
 T25 Pilot 1 8,500,000 Credits
 Kirovets-1 15,000,000 Credits

Vehicles for Gold

 SU-130PM 10,100 Gold
 GSOR 1008 9,300 Gold
 Renegade 9,300 Gold
 Bisonte C45 10,500 Gold
 T77 10,100 Gold
 703 II (122) 9,540 Gold
 ISU-152K 9,000 Gold
 CS-52 LIS 6,300 Gold
 IS-3A 11,200 Gold
 E 75 TS 8,730 Gold
 Turtle I 8,100 Gold
 Type 62 4,140 Gold
 AMX 13 57 4,320 Gold
 M41D 5,490 Gold
 Type 59 6,300 Gold
 JgTig.8,8 cm 8,370 Gold
 TS-5 9,100 Gold
 VK 75.01 K 7,500 Gold
 LT-432 5,490 Gold
 Somua SM 9,180 Gold
 Skorpion 9,090 Gold
 M6A2E1 6,300 Gold

Vehicles for Bonds

 Foch 155 20,000 Bonds
 T-22 med. 25,000 Bonds

19 thoughts on “Trading Caravan: List of Vehicles Available in Deals

  1. just another useless WG scam LOL – it doesnt even say that these 1,5 mil tanks are only 7 day rentals LOL

  2. Just for a change, disappointed with the event. Logged in, had a look at the 3 “random” offers then spent some plat only for, guess what? the same offers to keep coming round.

  3. @NIshi Kinuyo, yes when viewing the item in game it says if it is a full purchase of the vehicle or a 7-day rental

  4. @Nishi Kinuyo – That is the updated graphics after the patch. before that the ‘clock’ was a small thing next to the tank name.. while the cost was 3-4 times larger… They were sneaky about what they did for the presentation of the rentals – I am positive that many players complained… why else would they update the graphics via the patch?..!

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