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Trading Caravan: Kirovets & ASTRON Rex Sold Out

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If you are looking to get a deal with the Kirovets-1 for 15,000,000 Credits or the ultra rare ASTRON Rex for a total of 1 Credit… Don’t look any more, at least of you are on ASIA, EU and CIS region. These deals were sold out about 3 hours once the event started, but Wargaming keeps posting adverts about them on their social media pages.

These two deals are already sold out and confirmed by Wargaming they won’t show up anymore for players, despite the new posts continue on their social media pages about these deals. Players from the NA Region might still get the deal, as the event just started there a few hours ago, but expect them to sell out quick too. Paying 75,000 Credits on a reroll in hopes to get these deals, it’s just a waste of time and credits!

Save your credits if you are looking for these specific deals, and remember do not waste your credits on Rental Deals, these deals allow you to rent a Premium tank for 7 days for an amount of Credits, but you can not buy these tanks after! Don’t have high hopes to get that Bourrasque that you can rent for 2,000,000 Credits after the rental expires!

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7 thoughts on “Trading Caravan: Kirovets & ASTRON Rex Sold Out

  1. On the NA server (at least), the rental tanks are not clearly marked. There is a tiny clockface on the graphic, but no other clear indication of rental status (such as the word “rental”). I almost got sucked in on one of these as I was moving quickly through offers looking for that Kirovets (which I did get)

  2. It should show a big clock on top of the tank on the right side corner. And I believe it tells you if you over your mouse on the tank. But yes, it can “suck” you in if you’re not paying attention.

  3. Great job WG, you managed to bring bad taste to mouth…again. I’ve wasted couple of hundred thousand of credits to get same lousy rent offers again and again..while all interested offers has already gone. What ever people think about black market, I remember it with warm feelings after this crappy trading caravan and under the hammer.

  4. The ‘clock’ came in with the ‘micro’ patch… there was no large clock on the graphic of the tank before that. Very sneaky by wargaming and a crap effort as they did not refund anyone who was tricked before that… saying it was marked and shown…. so why the changes to the graphic? I’d like to know how many players complained… worst event so far

  5. U can buy rental borrusques and progettos now !!! Check in game vehicle section under store.

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