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World of Warships X Azur Lane Collaboration (May contain weebery)

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WARNING: This article is about a collaboration with a weeb game with ship girls and such (sadly it is not Kantai Collection but still a nice game). If you are one of those that gets mad as soon as you see anything weeb related, I advise you to avoid this article.
If you are one of those that don’t care at all or are fine with people liking stuff that doesn’t necessarily appeals you, feel free to read this article if you want and thank you in advance for it.
Also, in case you forgot, you have the option to hide the stuff related to collaborations in the game instead of complaining about it on Reddit and the forum.

Ladies,  Gentlemen and Weebs, after all the time that has passed since the first part of the collaboration with Azur Lane, we are finally getting the second part.
For World of Warships, we are getting 2 Premium ships, a special port, a new collection and 8 unique captains.
For Azur Lane, we are getting 6 new PR ships.

The collaboration will start on May 01 for World of Warships which is logically the date of the Update 0.8.3 and for Azur Lane, the collaboration will start on April 18. Back to the farm guys.


World of Warships

Let’s start with the World of Warships part of the collaboration as it is logically the part that you people are the most interested in.

“New” Premium ships Montpelier and Yukikaze.

As it was already datamined, Montpelier and Yukikaze and now officially part of the Azur Lane collaboration and by such will possess special camouflages linked to it. It is, however, unknown if these camouflages will have special bonuses (or at least, I didn’t see anyone mentioning it since I personally don’t speak/understand Japanese except some very basic stuff). My little finger tells me that they might but not 100% sure.





Both camouflages are based on the characters in Azur Lane and I have to say, they look pretty good.

New unique captains

With the second part of the collaboration, we are getting a total of 8 new captains (and sadly Saint-Louis isn’t part of them…) fully voiced by the voice actresses from Azur Lane.






As surprising as it can be, Azuma (soon to be introduced PR ship in Azur Lane) will be a unique captain in World of Warships.
Sorry for the quality of the image but she was for some reason only shown in the trailer and due to the fast movements, it was quite hard to get a clear picture.






Prinz Eugen






New Port

We are getting a new port based on the backyard in Azur Lane with its own special background music. The ships will be displayed like ships models.




New collection

We are getting a new collection with a total of 36 elements. These elements are split into 6 categories with each one being a nation in Azur Lane.

It also comes with a new container


For those that I recognize, there was:

Eagle Union (USA):

  • Hammann
  • San Diego (of course, they had to put San Diego in there)
  • Montpelier
  • Massachusetts
  • Saratoga
  • South Dakota


Iron Blood (Germany)

  • Prinz Eugen
  • Tirpitz
  • Graf Zeppelin
  • Z-46
  • Admiral Hipper
  • Deutschland


Sakura Empire (Japan)

  • Yuudachi
  • Mutsu
  • Kaga
  • Mikasa
  • Kongo
  • Ayanami


Iris Libre and Vichya Dominion (France)

  • Saint-Louis
  • Le Triomphant
  • Dunkerque
  • Jean Bart
  • Le Mars
  • Forbin


For the last 2, I guess it will be the Royal Navy and Eastern Radiance (Republic of China).

Each category cleared will give you the flag of the nation and the final reward is the unique captain Azuma (drawn by the talented Kishiyo).

That’s everything that we are getting for World of Warships.

Azur Lane

In Azur Lane, we are getting 6 new PR ships that we will have to grind for (Meanwhile, I’m years away from finishing the grind for the 6 previous ships). I hope that they will implement the option to convert blueprints because having blueprints that you cannot use anymore that keep pilling up is a bit annoying.

Kitakaze (Sakura Empire)


Personally, I’m really not a fan of the chara design but then again, it’s the same for all the ships of the Akizuki-class in the game.

Seattle (Eagle Union)


I will just ask one question… Why does she have vampire’s teeth?

Friedrich der Große (Iron Blood)


I guess I know which ship I will be researching once I’m done with Roon… Apparently, she will be acting like some sort of conductor which would explain why she is holding a baton. It is a reference to the historical character Friedrich the Great that was very interested in music in his youth.

Gascogne (Vichya Dominion)


The ship is presented as being part of the Vichya dominion but for some reason, her design is very similar to the one of Saint-Louis that is part of the Iris Libre. It’s quite strange. Also, that is one epic Warhammer.

Azuma (Sakura Empire)


That’s for sure, Kishiyo never disappoints with his art style. Logically, the Azuma will be part of the main fleet but who knows.

Georgia (Eagle Union)


Another pretty good design but also quite a big surprise. I was really not expecting to see a ship that is still in development.

Alright, that’s all for now, I hope that you are looking forward to this collaboration and thank you for reading this article.

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  2. “Why does Seattle have vampire teeth?” Answer; “Twilight”.

  3. Wait..does that mean Azuma will be a ship we can grind for instead of spending 1M FXP [ I don’t want to spend that much on that ship ]..oh boy suck’s to be THOSE players who spend big $ on the package in the shop lol..

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