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World of Warships – World of Warships – Q&A 09/12/2016

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing. Q&A from Russian Server dated 9th December.

Source: Official EU Forum

Disclaimer: Most questions and some answers are long-winged and sloppy. The following translation aims to convey the information as precisely as possible, it is not verbatim.

Q: Can you hand over control of a ship to the AI after a fixed period of initial inactivity, without rewarding the AFK player with silver and experience?
A: We plan testing such this option, but cannot say if or when it will be implemented in the game. Thank you for an interesting suggestion.

Q: Do you plan changes to the rules of ranked battles?
A: We hold the rules of the fifth season for close to ideal, and will most probably not change them for the next season.

Q: Can we view the upgrades and consumables of unresearched ships in port?
A: Not in the near future, but thank you for an interesting suggestions.

Q: Do you plan an alternative means of resetting captain skills?
A: We plan an alternative, but it is too early to disclose. Follow the news.

Q: Fires does damage no matter which part of the ship is burning, and the chance of fire does not decrease if the ship has caught fires before? Do you plan to change this?
A: The mechanics of fires is working as intended in the overall game balance, and we do not plan changes related to the location of the hit or the calibre of the shell.

Q: Do you plan to extend the functionality of signals? It would be nice to drop all signals with a single click, or to install a fixed set of signals (for a type of ships, or a given ship) with a single click. How about changes to some excessively difficult achievements such as the Solo Warrior?
A: We plan changes to ship appearance and the functionality for hoisting and lowering signals. Also rewards for Heroic Achievements will be reworked, but we cannot say when.

Q: When do the rear gunners open fire? How does this game mechanic work? For example, if four attack squadrons get bounced by a single fighter squadron, would all four fire back?
A: Rear gunners start firing when a fighter squadron tails the attack squadron, and only the squadron under attack would fire back.

Q: Do you plan to extend the functionality of flags? It would be nice to see more in-game bonuses in additional to the visual effect, given that some flags such as Jolly Roger are difficult to obtain.
A: Most flags serve a decorative purpose, such participating in an events, or taking the first rank. We do not plan changes in this department.

Q: Following the release of the new IJN destroyers, some captains were moved to different ships, their skills not being optimal for the new mount. Do you plan to reset the skills?
A: We moved to captains to the successor of the previous ships. A free reset applies only following a global change in the skill tree.

Q: The camouflage patters in game typically comprise simple geometrical shapes, which are far from their historical counterparts. If so, can you introduce camouflages that resemble the colouring of fish or reptiles? Look at the awesome concealment of a real pike. Do you plan changes to camouflage options?
A: All types of permanent camouflage is either inspired by corresponding historical prototypes, or by the national camouflage doctrines. The conception of a naval camouflage differs from that of a terrain camouflage. You simple cannot hide a huge ship in an open see. You can either dismiss the idea of concealment, or distort the features of the object and so make range finding and aiming more difficult. At longer ranges, small estimation errors seriously impair the accuracy.

Q: The Russian cruiser Oleg is undergoing testing. Do you plan to introduce a Russian battleship at tier 3, for example the Tsesarevich.
A: We cannot announce premium ships here. Follow the news.

Q: Do you plan releasing the Italian navy?
A: We do, but we cannot share any dates here.

Q: Do you plan any game mode or events for the ARP ships?
A: We do not plan any game modes or events after the contract with ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA- expires. The owners should not worry since all ships and captains will stay in the client. The Yokosuka port will disappears and be replace by an option in the carousel filter. The option will not be visible if the player has no ARP ships.

Q: Do you plan buffing the Krasny Krim. It is basically a Svetlana that sees tier 7 battles.
A: This ship is foremost a collector’s ship. She would be overpowered at tier 4, and does not look too shabby at tier 5. We do not see any need to change her.

Q: Can you introduce a warning message when a player crosses the line-of-fire of an allied torpedo launcher?
A: We do not plan introducing such a warning in the near future. We recommend watching the line of fire.

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