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World of Warships 0.5.16 Update Notes

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Hello everyone,

World of Warships Update 0.5.16 Public Test is now open and with it, out came the Patch Notes. Here’s what we can expect from the next update. Public Test will be open from 13 December at 17:30 CET until 19 December at 14:00 CET (UTC+1).


During the Public test, players will be able to test two new campaigns. These Campaigns consists of several missions which open in series with an interval of several hours, regardless of players’ performance (whether the previous mission has been completed or not). In general, the conditions to complete campaigns will be significantly eased.

The main prize for one of the campaign will be the battleship “Mikasa” whereas the other campaign will be available only to owners of “Mikasa”. The main prize for this campaign is a unique permanent camo for battleship Texas. Also during the campaign, you will be able to earn other ships, camouflages, along with free experience and credits.

These Campaigns will only be available in the Public Test. Please note that these rewards will be credited to Public Test Server accounts.


  • Voice messages underwent a total overhaul: the intensity of the “radio transmission effect” for these messages can now be selected via the audio settings.
  • Implemented an improved message queuing system.
  • The intensity of the radio transmission effect can be selected (using the corresponding slider control in the Audio tab) for the following message types:
    • Quick messages
    • Messages from aircraft pilots
    • Messages related to damage taken by a player’s ship
    • Alarm and alert messages like fire alert, flooding alert and etc.
    • Messages related to consumables
  • Fixed potential bugs in the interactive music playback system
  • Added new music tracks, including tracks inspired by Russian folklore
  • Fixed the defects for the low sound quality preset
  • Fixed some errors in the Free Camera mode

Bastion Mode

Added new onshore installation models for Forts and Surveillance Stations. The Forts themselves were extensively improved. Now they feature a damage model, armour protection, and newly-implemented game mechanics for fire damage/

The Bastion Mode was added to the “North” and “Hotspot” maps.

Detailed list of changes:

  • Implemented damage model for onshore installations
  • Implemented the mechanics for damage caused to for onshore installations by fires
  • From now on, it will be impossible to cause damage to “neutral” onshore installations
  • Added new guns to all Forts
  • Replaced guns for the Fort on “The Atlantic” map
  • Fixed the error where the detectability radius of installations was increased after their guns have fired

Ports and Maps

  • Added a new Port, London. It will be set as the default Port after the update is released.

    To select a different Port, click on the icon with the anchor image in the upper left corner of the Port screen and choose another Port from the available options.

  • Removed the Yokosuka Port. More details are available in the “ARPEGGIO” section.
  • Reworked the maps to enable placement of onshore installations in the Bastion mode.


We removed the Yokosuka Port from the game client and all its features will be replaced with a special filter in the ship carousel.

If the player had the Yokosuka Port selected before the update was released, then this filter will be enabled by default.

If this filter is enabled, all relevant effects and features, including special voiceovers, ship icons in the carousel and in battle, exterior appearance of ARPEGGIO ships will remain unchanged. In fact, only the Yokosuka Port itself will be removed from the ARPEGGIO content in the game.

This filter will be available if a player possesses at least one ARPEGGIO ship.


  • Added a separate checkbox for the Damage Indicator in the settings (there will now be two independent checkboxes for Detailed Ribbons and Damage Indicator respectively). After the update is released, both checkboxes will be set or cleared by default, depending on the state of the Detailed Ribbons and Damage Indicator checkbox before the update.
  • The indicators for “Port (Left)” and “Starboard (Right)” controls (Q and E) will now be hidden while the autopilot is working. We made this change to avoid distracting the player and creating a false impression that the ship is currently driven by the player themselves.
  • To make the display order of nations more uniform, the display order of nations in the Summary tab will now correspond to the order used elsewhere (in the Tech Tree, ship carousel and etc.).
  • Optimised the load on CPU when rendering the changes in ship appearance due to damage taken by her during a battle. Owing to this optimisation, the quantity of “micro freezes” will be reduced. The impact of this optimization will be most evident on low-performance computer configurations.
  • For all computer configurations, the system memory (RAM) consumption while in battle was decreased.

Ship Model Changes

We made corrections to the appearances of several ships using special technology for better rendering of thin elements (mostly the ship’s rigging). These corrections are not related to the MSAA technology and will be visible whether or not the MSAA antialiasing is used. Consequently, the performance will not be affected.

  • Atago
  • Mikhail Kutuzov
  • Tirpitz
  • Prinz Eugen
  • Lo Yang

Most noticeable visual corrections:

  • For Gneisenau, added anchor holders (anchor shackles) to hawse holes
  • For Scharnhorst, added transceivers of the S-Gerat active sonar (in her forward end)
  • For Neptune, added cable passages to antennas on her smoke stacks
  • For Dresden and Kolberg, fixed positions of the side lights in their forward ends
  • For all Japanese aircraft, fixed the visualisation of the rotating propellers


New Feature Testing

Added a Premium US Tier VIII battleship Alabama for testing by developers and supertesters.

She will only be available to/added to players’ accounts for volunteer supertesters. It will not be possible to purchase her, send her as a gift, or win her as a reward during any events.

Other Updates

  • Tirpitz: Added another (second) permanent camouflage
  • Fixed the long-standing issue in the game logic where excessive damage from fires and flooding was caused immediately after the consumable had been activated by the player controlling the ship being damaged. Previously, the damage was caused for one “extra” tick.


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