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World of Warships Supertest: US Cruiser Pittsburgh Changes

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American cruiser Pittsburgh, tier VIII (ex-Baltimore, moved one tier down) stats were corrected accordingly. The numbers are preliminary and are subject to change during the testing phase.

The new name is a placeholder until the ship is released to avoid confusion with the existing one. Original name will be returned upon release.


  • The main battery 203 mm/55 Mk15 base module can no longer be mounted. Only researchable 203 mm/55 Mk15 weaponry is available, its reload time is increased from 10 to 13 seconds.
  • Slot 1 – Damage Control Party; Slot 2 – Defensive AA Fire/Hydroacoustic Search; Slot 3 – Catapult Fighter/Surveillance Radar Data
  • HP pool and consumables’ stats are now relevant for the tier. AA weaponry on the “B” hull remains the same as it was on tier IX Baltimore. Plating thickness is decreased from 27 mm to 25 mm, relevant for the tier.