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World of Warships – Some Information From Russian Server #13

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Hello everyone,

Some further information from the Russian Server, thanks to Babykim and Takeda92.

  • The transfer of gold from tanks to doubloons is possible, provided the following conditions apply:
    • Gold purchased by the owner (it is not essential what was purchased, essential is the act of purchase), i.e. bought for real money alone, or as part of a bundle;
    • Not gold awarded as prizes, offerings or gifts (e.g., in competitions);
    • The minimal amount of transfer: 2,500 gold/doubloon;
    • At least one month of inactivity in the game where the gold comes from, i.e. have not played tanks or planes since at least one months;
    • One transfer per account only.
  • Sub_Octavian: Henri will receive some tweaks based on first stage of production test, as well as some other French cruisers.
  • Ranked Season 7 could be as soon as May, if EU runs to a similar timescale as the NA server. (Usually does.)

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – Some Information From Russian Server #13

  1. why the month of inactivity?? that’s a ******ed requirement. I play all 3 of them regularly and got far too much gold I can’t spend on tanks or planes anymore, but I still got several vessels on my shopping list.
    so, I just have to wait until I lose interest at least in WOT and WoWp (~170 premium days to go) and won’t buy any bundles bound to gold/doubloons or stuff that might be availabe for gold/doubloons in the future …

    wp, WG … y u so braindead?

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