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World of Warships: Public Test of the Update 0.8.0 round 2

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Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Well, let’s start this year with small news, the round 2 of the update 0.8.0’s public test. Now, before we cover it, it is important to note that the round 2 will not be the last. There will indeed be a third round supposedly to try to somewhat tweak properly the Aircraft Carrier rework before its official release.


This round will start today, the 11th of January at 17:30 CET (UTC+1) and will end on the 14th of January at 16:30 CET (UTC+1).


The main complaints about the first round of the Public Test were the lack of damage from anti-air mounts as well as the overall lack of fun and impact of the Tier IV carriers Langley and Hosho.

Well, the changes are taking care of these issues, hopefully, Wargaming didn’t over-tweak things.

  • Changed the settings of AA fire and “Defensive AA Fire” equipment. Now the effectiveness of this equipment is higher, but the reload time is lower. This will help to build a stronger defense against aircraft raids.
  • Changed the settings of explosions of shells from long and medium range AA guns. Now they deal more damage and are more effective against the enemies’ aircraft.
  • Torpedo bombers were added and the settings of attack aircraft changed on IV tier carriers. This adjustment will make the low-tier gameplay more interesting and will provide more options forplayers.
  • Changed the setting of aiming for Japanese bombers. Now you can reach almost maximum aim during the preparation for attack, and drop the bomb with higher accuracy. This change will allow players to attack battleships more effectively by dropping the bombs at a right angle to the deck.
  • Fixed the display of torpedo drop zone with the “Torpedo Acceleration” skill equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused catapult planes’ models to not be displayed on the ship and appear only after the equipment was first used
  • Fixed an issue that caused catapult planes’ model to remain on the ship after takeoff or depletion of the equipment
  • Fixed an issue in the autopilot settings, due to which the ship began to move in reverse
  • Fixed an issue due to which when you rotate camera and observe could get inside the model aircraft squadron
  • Optimized number of air defense effects for more comfortable squadron play
  • Fixed an issue due to which patrol fighters attacked squadrons even under the condition that they had time to get out of the attack zone of patrol fighters

So, as said above, the anti-air, in general, is getting some love with the defensive fire getting buffed on its effectiveness and cooldown. Also, the flak, the explosions created by mid-range and long range are now not simple fireworks but they will deal more damage to planes hitting them.

The Tier IV carriers will now have torpedo bombers that will allow them to have a better impact on the game. The rest of their planes also received changes apparently but the nature of the changes is unknown.

Now, the last major change that needs to be pointed out is the change to the aiming time of IJN AP bombs. This is a significant change as you will now be able to drop the bombs effectively when they are the deadliest so at high altitude.
As you may know, the bombs now have a proper ballistic system in 0.8.0 compared to the system on the live server. This means that for AP bombs, the higher the bombs will be dropped, the better will be their angle of impact and penetration. If you drop bombs at the last moment they can simply bounce on the decks of ships. With this change, dropping AP bombs will be less of a trade between the effectiveness of the bomb itself and the accuracy of the drop.

Final note, the Ranked Arms Race is not available during the round but will be available on the 3rd round.

On this, good testing on the Public Test Server Captains!

2 thoughts on “World of Warships: Public Test of the Update 0.8.0 round 2

  1. …Frankly, in a new carrier gameplay it would be simpler to just include surface-to-air missiles in the game for high-tier ships. And thus solve all balance problem. The new carrier gameplay with planes controlled by player allowed – with minimum efforts – to include player-controlled surface-to-air missile too (basically, a small plane with limited flight duration – 5-10 seconds at most – which would be guided by player toward the enemy plane squadron and then detonated, producing massive AA explosion).

    Such concept would made anti-air defense more skill-based, not just math-based (like current) and thus would be a good counterpart to the new, skill-based aviation.

    P.S. And yes, surface-to-air missiles were designed and build by many nations (not just Germans) during World War 2 era. British “Brakemine” and “Stooge” efforts (not to mention Ben and LOPGAP), American naval “Little Joe” and “Lark” weapons, Italian DAAC project, Japanese “Funryu-2” missile…

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