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World of Warships: Gamescom teasings

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This week, during the yearly event Gamescom in Cologne, Wargaming took the opportunity to tease us a few upcoming additions to the game. This includes details about the fifth ship type, the submarines with already 4 confirmed nations. Now, let’s talk about the other news first. We also had quite an… interesting musical but that one, we won’t cover it.

New Unique Commanders

We will get 2 new unique historical commanders.

German unique commander Günther Lütjens


The first one is Günther Lütjens, admiral of the Kriegsmarine and last commanding officer of the famous battleship Bismarck during the Operation Rheinübung.

He served for more than thirty years in the German navy, may it be in the Imperial German Navy, the Reichsmarine or the Kriegsmarine. The first ship he commanded was the Königsberg-class light cruiser Karlsruhe from September 1934 to September 1935. It’s in 1940 that he would be promoted to Admiral and in 1941, he demonstrated his commanding skills with Operation Berlin, a commerce raiding operation in the Atlantic. This operation executed by the German battleships Gneisenau and Scharnhorst and its great success lead to another operation, the Operation Rheinübung.

This operation would be the last for him, commanding the German battleship Bismarck alongside the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. While the operation started well with the sinking of the battlecruiser Hood, the German ships sadly kicked a hornet nest and after they decided to split, the Bismarck ended up being chased by the whole British fleet available.

At the end of what was one of the largest hunt of World War II, the Bismarck’s rudder being crippled and no escape possible, Günther Lütjens transmitted this final message: “Ship no longer maneuverable. We fight to the last shell. Long live the Führer“. Most historians suggest that he probably died from a salvo of the battleship Rodney that hit the bridge of the Bismarck.

The U-boat U-556 that had been following the Bismarck but couldn’t help the battleship due to being out of torpedoes was ordered to recover the ship’s war diary but being low on fuel, transferred the mission to U-74 that couldn’t reach Bismarck in time.

If you want to learn a bit more about Operation Rheinübung, here is a video from Drachinfel covering it:

As a side note, Günther Lütjens was opposed to the ideas of the Nazi Party and refused to give the Nazi salute to Hitler during his visit of the Bismarck.

Italian unique commander Luigi Sansonetti


Luigi Sansonetti was an Italian admiral during World War II.

During World War I, he was assigned to the Command of Battle Squadron and later, commanded the torpedo boats operating in the Adriatic Sea.
In 1935, he was given the command of the Zara-class heavy cruiser Fiume and was involved in the Spanish Civil War.
In 1937, then Rear-admiral, he was given the command of the 7th cruiser division on board of the Condottieri-class light cruiser Eugenio di Savoia. When Italy entered World War II in 1940, he was still commanding the 7th and took part in various battles and operations for the following months until he became Deputy Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy. He played a major role in the planning of the Regia Marina’s strategy including the convoys to supply the Axis forces during the North African Campaign.

After the Armistice in 1943, Sansonetti took command of the naval forces in Romes after the Admiral Raffaele de Courten and the king Victor Emmanuel III escaped towards Brindisi. After Rome surrendered to the Germans, resisting as much as they could, Sansonetti left Rome and reached Brindisi on foot and continued from there to command the fleet. He would be named President of the High Council of the Navy from 1944 until 1951.

Luigi Sansonetti died in Rome on November 7 1959 after falling from his horse. He was 71 years old.


When it comes to Luigi Sansonetti, it is not hard to guess that he will be the Unique Commander bound to the upcoming Italian cruisers but for Günther Lütjens, it’s a bit more problematic to determine how he will be introduced because even though we know that German submarines are coming, he was never really linked to them.

I do have a theory though. A few days ago, Wargaming published a devblog that was including this:


Bismarck, Cossack and Ark Royal had something in common: one of the most famous cats of WWII “served” on them – Unsinkable Sam. Each of these ships gets two camouflages: one shows how the ship looked like when Sam was on the ship, and the second is with an image of the legendary cat. Bonuses of the camouflages are the same:

-3% to detectability range;
+4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship;
-10% ship’s post-battle service;
+50% Experience per battle.

Details about obtaining these camouflages will be published on the game’s website.

Except for the fact that they were all carrying this damn cat of Oskar (or Unsinkable Sam if you prefer), all 3 ships were engaged in the hunt of the Bismarck. What I expect is that in Update 0.8.8 or maybe 0.8.9. we will have a special event acting as a break between the French destroyers arc and the Italian cruiser arc just like what they did with the Savage battle. I personally don’t see them releasing Günther Lütjens with the submarines.

Then again, I might be wrong. As for his potential skills, I kinda expect something linked to the last stand of the Bismarck. maybe something similar to Kuznetzov ability.

New German premium ships coming

During Gamescom, we also had the teasing of 2 new upcoming premium ships which are both… pretty damn interesting if you ask me.

German Tier VIII Premium Cruiser Mainz


Personally, I am quite interested in a ship like that which hopefully will already be more interesting to play than the Admiral Hipper. The big question is if she will retain the 27 mm bow and stern armor or if she will receive the light cruiser treatment and get weaker end plating.

German Tier VIII Premium battleship Odin


With this one, I’m a bit sad that this isn’t a tier X large cruiser like they did with Stalingrad, Puerto Rico or Yoshino but also still happy that we get a stronger Scharnhorst with hopefully more reliable guns. Outside of her main battery of 3 triple turrets with 305 mm guns, we can also see a secondary battery consisting of 2 triple turrets that seem to be triple 152 mm gun turrets in superfiring position behind the main batteries as well as 6 twin 128 mm gun turrets on the sides. Finally, the torpedo armament is also visible with 2 quadruple torpedo launcher in the same configuration as on the Graf Spee.

Now… regarding the name of the ship, I pretty much immediately got angry German clanmates saying that the name didn’t make any sense so I asked Wargaming about it. The answer was that historically, there were plans from the Nazi’s high command to use northern mythology for naming ships to fit the Nazi ideology with the Aryan race or Nordic master race. So yes. While the name doesn’t fit what we currently have in the game, it makes sense from a historical point of view.

Halloween 2019 event


Every autumn we hold a Halloween dedicated event, and it always gets positive feedback from players. This year won’t be an exception: the story of the fictional world will continue to evolve. Players will enjoy both the familiar operations and a new game mode, where they can fight each other. The event traditionally includes new mechanics, which we will present later.

Somehow, the Henri IV heavily reminds me of the Kaiju Raijin in Pacific Rim 2. Boy, that movie was such a disappointment…

Another thing to note is that Alaska is somehow also getting a skin while all the others are for Tier X ships.

The 5th ship type: Submarines

Welp. That’s it. Submarines are coming in World of Warships. As of right now, 4 nations are confirmed. Namely Germany, United-States, USSR and Japan. If you want to learn more about the gameplay, I invite you to read the official World of Warships article that covers it in-depth.

From the gameplay I saw, it looks relatively promising. Of course, some things need to be changed like the pinging system that seems to be too easy right now, especially against battleships and with the torpedoes dealing extra damage from blowing up under the ship, ignoring the torpedo protection. Another problem is the fact that only destroyers can effectively fight submarines with their depth charges while some cruisers do have depth charges too. There is also the fact that historically, some ships had floatplanes also able to target submarines or even helicopters like the Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri on the German cruiser Köln to spot them.

Now, according to some people, submarines will somehow be the end of World of Warships, they will kill the game, etc. If I had received 1€ each time someone said that about a change in the game, I would be rich by now. All we saw was a very early draft of the gameplay with overall good feedbacks but somehow, they will kill the game where the very controversial CV rework failed to do so.

As for the submarines themselves, the first ones coming will be the German and U.S. submarines.

These 2 lines also already have premiums, namely the U-4501 for Germany and the Gato for the U.S.A, both at Tier X.

As for Russia, we have:

  • Tier VI: S class
  • Tier VIII: Leninets class
  • Tier X: K class
  • Premium Tier VIII: S-189

Japan has for now only one confirmed submarine, the tier VIII premium I-58, the submarine which sunk the USS Indianapolis. Her model also appears to be after her refit to carry Kaitens.


People wondered why Japan didn’t have yet a full line and it’s because Japan had a lot of submarines with quite special features and Wargaming needs to work on how to implement them in the game.

I will cover each nation individually with the ship’s rough stats but don’t expect to get a lot of information as it’s still very early in the balancing stage.

This wraps up the summarize of what was revealed at Gamescom. Thank you for reading this article and have a good day!

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  1. Calling it now, Japanese submagine launching a Type 4 Ka-Tsu which homes in on enemy ships before launching its two torpedoes.

  2. *Submarine.
    And more realistically speaking, and related to the showing of the I-58, I wonder if the Japanese ones will get catapult planes or not. The I-58 originally carried two floatplanes but those were later removed.

  3. Odin appears to have 5.5cm gerat AA as well, at tier 8 should be pretty good AA.

    I bet Odin will likely be a coal ship or a ship you earn in an upcoming event alongside the unique commander possibly. Unless Tirpitz is being retired, which I rather doubt nor have I heard it rumoured.

  4. I need to point out that, technically, Lütjens was not in command of Bismarck. Kapitän zur See Ernst Lindemann was the officer in command of Bismarck, while Lütjens commanded the task force consisting of Bismarck and Prinz Eugen.

  5. Also, really looking forward to how they will implement the submarines. There’s nothing really comparing to the Type XXIs and Walther-engined boats of the Kriegsmarine at that time-frame and the US’s Balao’s were upgraded post-war to reflect design principles derived from the captured Type XXIs.

  6. I like the looks of Odin.
    even though i don’t mind her being a T8 BB that much, She does look that she would be a very good T10 CA candidate.
    and who knows its not an impossibility that WG may Change her at one point, they did say that plans can change.

  7. From looking at Odins Model she seems to have.
    6×2 128mm
    2×3 150
    2×4 torps(Looks like Graf Spee launchers)
    8×2 55mm
    7×4 20mm flakvierling,


    The germans dont use “northern” mythology, because germanic mythology (Germans + Scandinavian + English + Dutch + Frisian = germanic people) is simply the same. Just the names are different. Northern germanic Odin = is western germanic Wodan, Thor=Donar

    In fact the name Odin makes no sence, because in nazi ideology it would be Wodan.

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