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World of Warships – Digest from WOT Magazine

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Hello everyone,

Here’s a digest from an article about World of Warships on the Russian WOT Magazine, this was found and translated by nps and posted on the World of Warships Reddit. Nothing much, but there are a few interesting things and some have been either done or confirmed on WG Fest 2016.

Source: World of Warships Reddit

Announced for this year

  • Russian DDs (including Smeliy, Neustrashimiy and Project 56) will get some new weapon type
  • New cruiser and battleship trees for France
  • New Pan-Asian tree with RU, US and Japanese ships


  • Bismarck hydro nerf (done)
  • No nerf for Minotaur because majority of players are only getting VII
  • BBs are above 40%, so they want to make them less universal, which might fix long high tier battles

Variants for clan development

  1. Playing actively will provide personal and clan bonuses
  2. Continuous clan battles or tournaments, similar to team battles
  3. Global map (not for this year)


  • Raid-like PvE with different difficulty levels
  • Screenshot of BB with golden fist


  • Starcraft-like mouse controls
  • Removal of alt-attacks on 4-5 level CVs, because sealcubbing is too common

New Premiums

  • Graf Zeppelin
  • Roma VIII Italian BB
  • But VIII BB Alabama first


  • Removal of open-water stealth firing
  • Introduction of inventory (done)
  • Bastions nerf, no plans for removal (changed their plans apparently)

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  1. A so no more RN ships this year? Will be nice to get the french and the to start on the Italians but was definitely hoping for at least BB’s for RN if not DD as well. The french will leapfrog the RN in lines.

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