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World of Warships: Clan vs Clan Battle

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Clan vs Clan Battle


Clans were introduced some time ago, without any major activities connected to them. Now, as promised, we will be expanding these functionalities greatly. The entire user interface will be available in-game, without the need to use external browsers or other tools!

  • The Battle type will be available via the battle mode selector.
  • We are enabling clans to compete against each other to prove their superiority in organised group combat.
  • Currently, we’re looking at a 7 vs 7 format.
  • The Battle Tiers and exact setup may differ over time. The approach will be seasonal, not permanent!
  • The battles will be the main source of resources for improving your clan’s naval base, which will benefit all members of the clan.
  • Clans will not have purely random matchmaking. It will be based on the clan’s combat value and their effectiveness in previous battles.
  • The leaderboard will be a testament to a clan’s performance in battle.


The Clan Naval base will be accessible via the main screen clan profile tab (next to your personal profile)

  • Naval Base – each clan will own a base/dock, which will be their “home”.
  • This will be the first opportunity in World of Warships to own a collective, group asset!

Within the base, the clan will be able to build dedicated structures, which will provide special bonuses. Some examples of structures are:

  • A shipyard, providing cheaper ship purchases.
  • A dock, reducing repair costs.
  • A research centre, increasing XP gain.
  • Headquarters, increasing the clan’s maximum headcount.
  • Other structures that will be announced in the future!

All purchases will be done using a special currency dedicated to clan activities (Right now it is called “oil”, but that may be subject to change!).