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World of Warships: Changes in Availability of Several Ships

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Ladies and Gentlemen, there are some pretty big changes happening regarding the availability of some premium and freemium ships!

Removal of multiple ships from the shop

With the arrival of Update 0.10.1, the following ships will no longer be available to obtain:

  • British battleship Thunderer, Tier X;
  • European destroyer Smaland, Tier X;
  • American battleship Georgia, Tier IX;
  • American cruiser Alaska, Tier IX;
  • American battleship Massachusetts, Tier VIII.

Now… as much as I can understand the decision for Thunderer, Georgia, Alaska and Massachusetts… for Smaland, I currently have an eyebrow at maximum elevation.
In the last quarter, according to Maplesyrup, a website known for the reliability of the stats it provides, Smalandis listed as the 2nd least played tier X destroyer after Hayate.

When will Update 0.10.1 arrive?

Normally, if there isn’t any schedule change for the various updates, 0.9.11 comes on the 26th of November then 0.9.12 on the 24th of December then 0.10.0 on the 21st of January and 0.10.1 should arrive on the 18th of February.

All of these ships are very strong and I definitely recommend you to get them. It sure is a lot of coal and free XP to farm for these ships (except Massachusetts) but they are well worth their respective prices.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships: Changes in Availability of Several Ships

  1. Does this mean these ships will be permanently removed from obtaining in every way? Like both from the store and the armory?

  2. Expect them to be Missouri like. You can only obtained them from super/Santa containers. Some might return for flash sale unlike Original Belfast, Kutuzov and Missouri which are removed permanently from sale. This what I believe.

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