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0.6.2 Russian DD Split Sh*tstorm

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Hello everyone,

Oh boy… Seems Wargaming decided to do something wrong with Update 0.6.2 and it’s not making player happy. First of all thanks to Greg for sending me this and now let’s talk about the problem.

Update 0.6.2 as you are all aware brought some new Russian Destroyers and a split in the old branch. Nothing new until here, what is new is how Wargaming decided to deal with players who already had some of these Warships, their Commanders and camouflages…

The following is from the Reddit post where Charger76 is sharing his problem with, on his specific case, the Udaloi.

Can Wargaming please explain this utter nonsense:

“If a player had Commanders with a specialization for Udaloi (Tier IX) before the update release, then the Commanders will be retrained to have a specialization for Tashkent (Tier IX). In addition, a Commander with 65,900 Commander XP (9 skill points) and a specialization for Udaloi (Tier IX) will be added to the player’s account.”

The Udaloi is not changing. It is not being replaced, just moved to another line to which you are adding a different T10.

So why other than a nasty means of forcing me to part with my money (500 gold) do I have to retrain my existing Udaloi captain back to the Udaloi that he was in already before you mucked about? I already paid 500 gold to move him from the Trashkent to the Udaloi, why do I have to pay to move him out of the Trashkent to the Udaloi again?

Also, I have an 18 skill captain who you intend to replace with a 9 skill captain. So is this you giving me a choice between spending 500 gold or dropping all my built up captain skills on training up a captain to be vaguely competitive in high tier games?

I get that to increase sales you feel the need to screw up another set of ships, but I have Captains in my Khaba, Udaloi, Trashkent, Kiev and Og that I am happy with and who should remain in the ships they are in.

Which brings me to another point. The captain skills best suited for the Trashkent are completely different from those required to maximise the Udaloi. I already paid 350 gold to reskill the captain (long before the big skill rework), why should I pay again to reskill the captain to suit the ship that you have forced him into without my agreement or approval?

It seems Wargaming decided to ignore the fact players already have these ships and just decided to do as they like, but what is worse is the Commanders, where on this case, the player would have his 18 Skill point Commander replaced with a 9 point one?

Sub_Octavian then replied to Charger76, but he wasn’t very happy with the response:

The progression transfer is tied to slot, not to ship. So, your previous main line T9 DD (Udaloy) is replaced with the new main line T9 DD (Tashkent). That means everything is transfered to Tashkent, and as a bonus, you get stock Udaloi and stuff.

Operations with commanders can be done with elite XP, not only with doubloons. However, the point was not to force you to respec, but to save player progress on main line. Because if players were aiming for Khabarovsk (and mostly they were, as there was no alt.line), transfer to Udaloi and stock Tashkent would break this progress.

As for crediting both ships in top and copying the crew…that would be too much.

Sorry for inconvenience connected with this update, but we tried to implement the rules that would suit most players best.

So, progression is tied to a slot? Not to the ship? Really? Never seen this one before. The fact this destroyer is not changing at all makes no difference, Wargaming sees it as a new warship and just decides to ignore the fact players already have it… As you can imagine Charger76 wasn’t happy with the reply and he will not rest, like many other players, until this is made right…

It now seems (ref. Sub-Octavian’s repsonse below) that if you bought premium camo for the Udaloi it will be transferred to the Trashkent. Despite the fact they are two very different ships with two very different styles of play (if you disagree then you must think that all DD’s play the same way and are not in any way correct about that) and you, the CUSTOMER, spent your RL money to buy gold and buy permanent camo for a particular ship.

This amounts to the biggest irritation in all my years in Wargaming titles – I have permanent camo on ships I love to play and all high tier ships that i am certain to keep. I therefore have premium camo on the Ognevoi, Kiev, Udaloi and Khaba. NOT the Trashkent because it is the only ship in that line that i vary between sort of liking and viserally hating. I therefore very deliberately have never acquired permanent camo for it. Therefore to take my CONSUMER CHOICE of spending 4,000 gold (circa €15) on permanent camo from the Udaloi and put it on another ship altogether whilst the Udaloi remains in the game is extremely poor behaviour on the part of WG and I suspect a breach of my EU Consumer rights (which cannot be signed away by any EULA.)

Appreciate WG care as much about their customers as I do about rats in the sewer, but for once to be treated like you want people like me to keep spending €200 – €300 a year on your service would be nice.

Let’s see how this will end, there is a lot of players complaining about this, so I would expect Wargaming backing up on their decision, but let’s see. If you have the same problem and want to kick in and leave your opinion about it, just visit the Reddit post.

15,466 thoughts on “0.6.2 Russian DD Split Sh*tstorm

  1. They will probably handle it like they have most other issues players have. Ignore it until it goes away.

  2. Also (completely off-topic and I apologise for that, but thought you wanted to know) the T26E5 is now on sale in EU without the Patriot camo.

  3. I really can’t complain…. I got a free tier8 udaloi…. I won’t have to grind out a tier 7 dd… And a free9 point captain!!!!!

    Thanks wg!!!!


  4. “So, progression is tied to a slot? Not to the ship? Really? Never seen this one before.”
    Weren’t you paying attention when the IJN DD split happened?

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