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World of Warships Blitz: Could it be the next Top Mobile Game?

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An impressive, well designed mobile game. Could it get to the top?

When Wargaming launched World of Tanks Blitz, almost instantly it became a massive success. With over 50,000,000 downloads just for Android devices, its inarguably one of the biggest games for mobile devices. Now it’s time for another player join the game, World of Warships Blitz just arrived and it could be Wargaming next mega success for mobile devices.

When Wargaming gave me early access to the game, I thought it would be complicated to play, but after going through the Tutorials it became clear it’s actually easier than some other games out there. I was never a big fan of mobile games, but World of Warships Blitz is truly the first game that got me staring at my screen every time I got 10 minutes to play.

Players are welcomed straight away with a in-depth tutorial, where they will learn how to control the ship, aim, fire and after they can get extra rewards for completing the more advanced trainings.


Exactly like in World of Warships, you will be able to get into CO-OP or Random battles, but you will need to level your character before you can access them, Campaigns and Ranked Battles will be added in the future.

Consumables, camouflages, equipment and supplies are available so you can upgrade each ship you want to play with. You also get loads of rewards, from daily logins to missions you are asked to complete, there is plenty of opportunities to get free credits, consumables, upgrades and even some Gold.

Only three nations are available at this point, but just two have a full Tech Tree: United States and Japan. The United Kingdom has one ship available if players buy the Starter Kit for £9,99.


As the game is developed, new nations will be added, but what I was most impressed with was the fact Aircraft Carriers are available. Haven’t had the opportunity to play with them yet, but this certainly will make the game interesting to play.

Instead of tanks we get warships, but aside from that the game is very similar to what we are already used in World of Tanks Blitz in terms of format. Smaller maps and 7vs7 battles, making it fast and entertaining to play.

From Destroyers, to Cruisers, Battleships or Aircraft Carriers, the game is simple to play and fast paced. Controls are easy to get used to, just like in the PC version, you can just set the speed of your ship and then concentrate in steering it and aiming. When the aim is locked in your enemy, use the zoom in for easier fine tune your aim and start releasing hell into your enemies.

One word of advise: careful with torpedoes. They are harder to notice and avoid than on PC, if you are zoomed in trying to destroy an enemy. I often happened to torpedo to dead because I was concentrating in taking one ship down. While they are fun to play with, they aren’t fun to get hit by. Another particular feature, is that you can manually control your secondary guns. This means, if you are close enough, you can swap between your main and secondary guns and keep harassing your opponent with a constant wave of shells.

Last but not least, graphics are amazing. I can’t express how impressed I was with them. The game is visually impressive and has all the right ingredients to be a success.

For the moment only players from the Philippines are able to download and play the game, but the game will soon be released in a Global scale and everyone will be able to enjoy it. I strongly believe the game will be well received by all the mobile gamers and existing World of Warships community.

Are you excited to see this game released? Let me know your thought’s in the comment section.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Blitz: Could it be the next Top Mobile Game?

  1. I have, found it today too. But I can see this could be a Chinese version of Wargamings game? Remember that Wargaming does have a “different” version of WOT for the chinese market… Don’t know, I can’t talk about this without reading more about it and getting my own evidence. For now, all I can see it’s a chinese version of WoWS Blitz, that could as much have been “leaked” and released. WoWS Blitz has been under development for months now. Could also be Wargaming Chinese version of the game released earlier? :\ Like I said, I have no idea.

  2. Why? I report on what I know, I’ve been given access to the game, I wrote about it. I found today your articles about the chinese game, I’m currently investigating and getting information from Wargaming itself.

  3. Well I guess we will have to wait for WG’s reply on this. But I will have to be honest that I already lost interest in this game before I even started, because of the high similarity or even iden***y between these two games. At this current stage, there is no originality in WoWsB whatsoever, no matter how you put it.

  4. Also, I don’t think this is just a Chinese Game. The Korean version of the game has already been released around November last year called Navel Strike by Efun company, also Senkan Strike by JOYTEA in this year April afaik.

    I think we should either exchange information and clear things up or wait for WG. Though I am not really looking forward WG’s reply…….

  5. it’s like bootleg is a thing for china
    they copy games like overwatch and ****

    until wargaming copy theirs, some players that plays bootleg world of warship quickly accused wargaming for copying a game that’s copied from world of warships ayyy lmao

  6. How long has WOW been out on PC?? hmm?? Who copied who? hmm? Come on guys… clearly the other mobile game copied the WOW PC game and put it on mobile.. they just did it before WG did. So if you are going to accuse anyone of plagiarizing content, it’s not WG.. and believe me, I haven’t had too much good to say about WG and all the ridiculous changes they made to blitz. On this matter though, it’s not WG that stole or copied anything unless you consider copying your OWN game… well, copying.

  7. I believe it is original work, that was leaked ripped and pushed out by the Chinese rip off merchants before WG could bring it to market. Expect a rapid deployment as they try and regain their position. Mark my words, the “original” will sit and stagnate, the “WG copy” will update, change and prosper. End of discussion.

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