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World of Warplanes partners with Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden

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After the initial tease in the June overview, some of you took to guessing what this partnership might be. Some of the guesses were good, but not nearly close! World of Warplanes joining forces with Bruce Dickinson is an exciting and fantastic alliance.

Music video

You may notice the lyrics above are from ‘Aces High’, Iron Maiden’s most famous song about war, which was written about the Battle of Britain. We are pleased to announce that we have released a music video for this iconic song that features graphics from the World of Warplanes engine as well as planes that took part in the Battle of Britain.

Renovated hangar

As well as this, we have also introduced a renovated hangar to celebrate the occasion. All hangars will be subtly branded with iconic Iron Maiden imagery. Whether you are a metal fan or an aircraft enthusiast, this partnership is like nothing we’ve had before!

The Bruce Dickinson Warplanes Diaries

If you are a big fan of Iron Maiden, you may already know that Bruce Dickinson is an avid military aviation enthusiast and a pilot himself. He is a big fan of the historical accuracy that World of Warplanes has always been dedicated to provide and so we couldn’t be happier to announce that Bruce himself will be hosting The Bruce Dickinson Warplanes Diaries. It will be a series of educational videos that will explore some of the most iconic warplanes in the world, such as the Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane, and the Messerschmitt Bf 109, amongst others.


Here on the World of Warplanes portal, Facebook, or on YouTube.


The first episode is out right now! Episodes will air almost weekly, throughout June, July, and August.

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  1. is this the first try since WoWp’s release to kinda promote the game? too little, too late, too 2.0.

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