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World of Warships – Gnevny – Tier VI Soviet Destroyer

Hello everyone,

Gnevny will be a Tier VI Destroyer and here’s the details from World of Warships 0.6.1 Supertest Server.

*Please remember these are Supertest stats and they are subject to change before the final release.

Source: GameModels3D




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  1. WTF? Shouldnt the T6 Gnevny had another name to not be confused with the T5 Gnevny during testing? The T5 Gnevny is in the 6.1 client?

      1. But when the IJN Split was tested new versions of old ships had other names (Yayoi was the new T8 Kagero to not get confused with the current T9 Kagero at the time for example). The rebalanced versions of Gnevny, Kiev, Ognevoi and Udaloi had the same names apparently. So in 6.1 you will encounter a T9 Kiev and a T7 Kiev in the same battle?

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