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World of Tanks – Second Wave of Bans

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Hello everyone,

The battle continues, Wargaming was nice to these players and allowed them to enjoy the game during the holidays, but the new year didn’t bring good news for them as the second wave of bans have been issued.

SEA Server

  • Accounts Banned for 7 Days (First Warning): 207
  • Accounts Permanently Banned (Second Warning)13

NA Server

  • Accounts Banned for 7 Days (First Warning): 479
  • Accounts Permanently Banned (Second Warning)19

EU Server

  • Accounts Banned for 7 Days (First Warning): 5,300
  • Accounts Permanently Banned (Second Warning)181

RU Server

  • Accounts Banned for 7 Days (First Warning): 33,087
  • Accounts Permanently Banned (Second Warning)1,618

It’s good to see more and more players being banned for use of illegal mods, or like we all like to call then: cheats!

If you like to use mods, and I’m not against mods that don’t give you any advantage over your opponent, be careful with Mod Packs like ProMod and Aislain. These mod packs have some modifications that are not legal and can get you banned. If you are unsure the mod can be considered illegal or not, play it safe and don’t use it. Several players have reported they were banned because they installed modifications that came on these mod packs.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Second Wave of Bans

  1. Nice to see. I’m no longer using modpack’s, but nice to you advicing PROmod and Aslain. I’ve used Promod and they state at the beggining of installation that all mods are “legal”. Maybe inducing some players in mystake.

    Now looking for that number’s of RU server…. lmao.

  2. now get rid of those warpack auto lockers been playing against them all morning

  3. in ProMod there are no longer any forbidden Mod’s. In the beginning where it was not clearly named by Wargaming what is legal and what not there where some Mod’s in ProMod but the have been removed after Wargaming gave a clear “wording” for forbidden Mod’s. Useres who has been banned for using ProMod did not read the “clean installation” instructions to remove all not allowed Mod’s

    Thanks for reading

  4. makes sense they have 10 servers(I mean RU1 to RU10) so they have more people who play at all and it is proportional so its not big deal

  5. Ánd now it iis time to ban al those jerks who cannot behave themselves during battle’s. Players who throw with illnesses (like cancer).

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