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World of Tanks – Object 252U Buff

Hello everyone,

Object 252U isn’t out yet but it’s getting it’s final buffs. The new Tier VIII Russian Premium Heavy Tank will be coming out very soon across all Regions, here’s what has been changed.


Source: World of Tanks VK

  • Reload Time changed from 16s to 15s. (-1s)
  • Radio Signal increased from 440m to 730m. (+290m)
  • Thickness of side armour over the tracks increased to decrease the chance of the three calibre rule to occur.

A minor reload buff that will decrease to 12.5s with Brothers in Arms, Large Rammer and Ventilation, also means a minor increase on damage per minute. The radio gets the normal buff before the release, what is going on with Wargaming creating Premiums with such a small radio range and then buffing it just before the release?

And the final but important change, side armour over the tracks got it’s thickness increased meaning this will be even better at side scraping.

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  1. Met it yesterday in random from a test account. We lost. That tank made all the enemy team. It was almost full health in a tier 9 match while it stood alone and defeated most of our tier 9 heavies and td’s. Good thing it doesn’t have limited MM. Buying it.

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