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World of Tanks (NA): January 2021 Preview

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For the first month of the new year, we’ve got the tail end of Holiday Ops 2021, a competition for a Tier X vehicle-exclusive 3D Style, new On Track challenges, and much more! This is by no means a complete schedule, so make sure and check back for updates as several surprises await!

Month-long Events

  • Jan. 1–Feb. 1: Tank University Missions. Earn hefty bonus XP in a series of challenges to help you master tank destroyers, light, medium, and heavy tanks!
  • Jan. 1–Feb. 1: Tournament Missions. Earn Personal Reserves for completing specific objectives during December Tournament matches!
  • Jan. 1–Feb. 1: WoT Salute Mission. Earn Consumables by completing our month-long special daily mission for WoT Salute members.

On Track Missions

  • Jan. 5–Feb. 5: On Track to the STB-1
  • Jan. 20–Feb. 20: On Track to the AMX 13 105

Premium Shop Offers

  • Jan. 1–15: ×5 XP Bundles (Base, Loaded, Ultimate, War Chest, and Gotta Go Fast)
  • Jan. 11–25: ELC EVEN 90
  • Jan. 11–25: ISU-130
  • Jan. 11–25: Tiger 131
  • Jan. 14–21: Currency Bundles (Jackpot!, They See Me Rollin’, and Easy Going)
  • Jan. 15–18: Cmdr_AF’s Choice Bundle
  • Jan. 15–31: T-34 shielded
  • Jan. 21–31: Currency Bundles (Jackpot!, They See Me Rollin’, and Support Drop)
  • Jan. 21–31: WZ-111 Alpine Tiger
  • Jan. 21–31: SU-130PM
  • Jan. 21–31: T-34-85 Rudy
  • Jan. 29–Feb. 1: Cmdr_AF’s Choice Bundle

Weekend XP & Specials

  • Jan. 8–11: +50% XP and Missions
  • Jan. 15–19: ×4 XP and Missions
  • Jan 22–25: ×2 Crew XP and Missions
  • Jan. 29–Feb. 1: ×2 XP and Missions