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World of Tanks: IS-6 & T34 Black Edition – EU Server

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Hello everyone,

IS-6 Black Edition is now available for the EU and SEA Regions and should be available for the NA Region today too. But did WG EU keep their promise of having just the tank available without any bundles?

Yes they have, we now got the IS-6 B and the T34 B available on their own in the Premium Store. But if you don’t own any of the normal tanks, will you have to pay the full price?

Wargaming announced that any player who owns the normal version of the T34, IS6 and Mutz would be able to buy the Black Edition with a 50% Discount, but players who don’t own the normal version don’t get the discount. Fear not, there is a way around it!

All you need to do is, ask a friend that owns the normal T34 or IS-6 to buy one and send it to you as a gift! And it doesn’t seem to be any limit, so one player can gift the half price tank to several friends!

This way you will be able to get a T34 B or IS-6 B with 50% discount (47% because of Garage Slot Price), that’s a nice for anyone looking for a Tier VIII Premium Tank.

I had a few readers reporting that they own one or both tanks and the discounted price bundle isn’t available in the Premium Store. If this is the case for you, just follow these steps (links are for EU Store):

  1. Login into your Wargaming Account
  2. Click on the following links to buy:
    1. T34 Black Edition – €22.85
    2. IS-6 Black Edition – €22.50

Update #1 – 14:30

Seems Wargaming EU doesn’t want half the money from gifts, they just want the full price from players that already own the tanks. They have fixed a bug where you could gift the tanks half price to a friend if you already owned the normal tank.

I do wonder if Wargaming Marketing Department thinks this things through, would it be better to get sell half the price tanks to players that don’t have a premium, lets imagine 10,000 new premiums, than only 1,000 for the full price to players who already own the tank? Just me wondering…


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