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World of Tanks Global Map: Season 6 Sneak Peek

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It seems the CONTRAS Movement achieved it’s first victory, Wargaming did take players suggestions into consideration and there will be some changes to Clan Wars on Season 6. While some changes can’t be implemented right now, they might still come in the future, as more in-depth research is done.

The following information was published in the European forum, I believe these changes might only come to any server where Season 6 hasn’t start yet.


The Concept of the Season

The core idea of the season will be the return to the pattern when gold is earned for possession of provinces and main battles take place on the strategical level.

Profitability Zones

As per your suggestions, we divided the Tier X front into three virtual profitability zones, from east to west, with increasing amounts of gold earned. We had to provide all profitability rates for all four Prime Time zones. As a result, profitability zones are placed vertically, while Prime Time zones go horizontally. The number of provinces also conforms to what you suggested. Let’s take a look at the image below to get a better understanding of the changes:

Tier X Front

Click to enlarge picture.

Tier VIII Front

Click to enlarge picture.


We placed landing zones at the edges of the map, as you described. Now there are no landings at the center of the front area, and the only way to get to the center of the map at once is through mutinies.

Here we encountered difficulties when trying to accommodate the number of landings required to satisfy the needs of the community into each of the Prime Time zones, and because of this some of the front borders are comprised of landings exclusively.

Moreover, the map will have no auctions at all. This is how landings will be placed across Prime Time zones:

Tier X Front


Tier VIII Front



We removed all tasks that rewarded with Victory Points and significantly cut tasks that rewarded with gold, both in income and the number of repetitions. Remaining gold was redistributed as income for holding provinces.

Now even if a clan completes all monthly tasks available on the map, it will earn less than province income in the least profitable zone of the Tier X front. Besides, most tasks are aimed at victories and capturing landings.

In general, now tasks hold most value for clans that are new to the Global Map and should not distract veteran clans from the main objective of Global Map: battle for provinces.

What We Cannot Do Now

Primarily, we cannot abandon profitability limits and add restrictions on the number of Divisions. This requires additional development and we will only be able to get back to this issue in one of the future seasons.

We also need to give such changes a careful consideration. Currently the main issue is seen in the fact that even with limited number of Divisions, a strong clan could be able to hold a lot of provinces because no opponents would dare to attack such clan.

We should also mention penalties for missed battles, which will also remain effective in the current season. First of all, given removal of tasks that earn Victory Points, their negative consequences will diminish significantly, because the only penalty that will remain is increased Division cost. However, Divisions are obtained for Influence, and everyone has it in abundance (Influence will require a separate consideration whether to remove it entirely or change it somehow).

Besides, as we see it, the best way-out would be to combine the mechanics of  limiting profitability or Divisions with penalties. For example, if you do not defend your provinces, you have fewer Divisions available or decreased profitability. But this requires extensive elaboration and cannot be implemented for the upcoming season.

Season Timeline

To implement all the changes described above, we need more time. The start of the season will shift a bit, and with a confidence degree of 90% we can say that it will be August 28. The exact date will be announced a bit later.

Moreover, during the season, the Global Map will only be frozen for one day when game updates are released—other than that, the Map will always be available.

We will also try to minimize the duration of breaks between seasons.

Large-Scale Event 

Once the Sixth Season on the Global Map ends, a large-scale event for hardcore Clan Warriors is planned at Tier X, with new mechanics and awards. We are considering starting it in November. At the moment, we cannot share all details—the event is still in development, and its features may undergo changes.