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World of Tanks (EU): Summer Sale

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It’s the Summer, it’s hot and Wargaming decided to give us some sales, but are they really worth it?

From today through 5 August, a number of tanks will be on sale with 30% or 50% off their price, with a Garage Slot and 10 x5 XP missions! And if you feel like spending a bit more money, Wargaming will have the usual Best Buy deals with a few extra goodies added in a bundle.

My advice, if you are looking for a Premium tank the 30% or 50% direct discount will be your best option, this way you will actually same some money grabbing that Premium tank you always wanted! Final but not least, each “day” is made of two days and features a bundle of tanks, not just one.

July 20-21 Summer Sale

30% Discount on the following tanks:

  • Tier VIII American T34 heavy tank
  • Tier VII American Scorpion tank destroyer
  • Tier VIII American T92 light tank
  • Tier VIII Russian T-54 mod.1 medium tank
  • Tier VIII German Panter 8,8 medium tank

You can check all these discounts and the “Best Buy” on the official portal.