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World of Tanks (EU): High Ping Value Issues

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After the release of Update 1.14, you may have noticed an increased ping value in the game client during battle.

Why did it happen? With the release of Update 1.14, we performed technical maintenance aimed at improving the quality of the game. At the same time, in addition to network delays, additional time for server processing was added in the ping calculation system (this time wasn’t previously taken into account). As a result of maintenance, the actual connection quality for players remained the same or improved, but the new ping values could cause confusion.

What’s Next?

Players are used to determining the connection quality by the already established ping ranges, and we want to keep the comfort they are used to. Therefore, we will bring the visual display of ping back to the previous system in the next server update, while keeping the new optimization mechanisms.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks (EU): High Ping Value Issues

  1. In NA servers I found a delay in several features like six sense to trigger. The same things have been found by my teammates

  2. Um no i getting lag spikes like crazy . This is complete bs wargaming lies as always still holding out updating their darn servers .

  3. The connection quality is rubbish since Update 1.14. Quality of game experience dropped significantly. No need to BS us…

  4. seems like they messed it up again, i used to have 80-100 ping, now having 120+ and lag spikes. Don’t know what wg did actually.

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